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I believe that they lost their jobs because I think that they would of lost a lot of money one... How Did People Lose Their Jobs From The Financial Crisis? 15/11/18
well personly i thinkthe most vALUABLE ITEM that could wash up on the shore is money in a bottle... Weekly Competition #11 16/11/18
who is to blame 1 not the banks 2 not thebank of england 3 not us 4 but is because of a... who is to blame 16/11/18
Well really anyone is to blame but have asked my mum and teachers and she has said a company... who is to blame? 17/11/18
with all that money I would give halve of it to the NHS a quarter of it to cancer research and... what would you do with £100,ooo,ooo 17/11/18
thank you this has really elped in case there is a new crisis ways to prepare for a personal crisis 17/11/18
did you know that the first company to actually think about and start and cause the financial... Financial crisis 17/11/18
Brexit is a reason to loose all the money because the money that is needed to help stop it Will England run out of money? 17/11/18
I went to seep one night when it was really dark around 11 o clock at night then woke up around... Weekly Competition #11 17/11/18
probly to by food Weekly Competition #11 17/11/18
there already is a business but would you useal that money for that what would you do with £100,ooo,ooo 17/11/18
if this whole financial crisis had not have happened a lot of thing I believe would have been... What Would Happen If There Was No Financial Crisis? 17/11/18
the way people lost their homes in the financial crisis is because not enough people had the... How did the people get homeless from the financial crisis 18/11/18
I agree with this for a lot of different reasons for example more and more people are becoming... Money is being waisted 18/11/18
i totally agree with you because In class we answered a series of questions and moved around the... It's really everyone's fault. 22/11/18
how much percent of the bank of England affected by the crisis and how? 3. Bank of England Experts respond! 22/11/18
well I am sceptical of the headline £1.000 should be provided to all children under the age of... Weekly Competition #12 25/11/18
i belive students should have financial lessions because 1 it helps them to learn about the... Should students have financial lessons in school? 28/11/18
well if your money is on a credit card it is not safe because f you loose you card you have all... Is our money still safe? 29/11/18
money matters because without money you wouldn't have loans and you cant borrow money. for... Weekly Competition #13 30/11/18
it affected national heath because the NHS and the hospitals lost money The Financial Crisis: What Affect Did It Have On People’s Health? 06/12/18
for a bank they need stricter rules for giving loans and intredsrts Reasons and Ideas for Banks 07/12/18
because people might change their credit rate through their job lend safe be safe 19/12/18
advice for children should be: 1 you are creative make a handmade card 2 set a budget for... Weekly Competition #15 19/12/18
I agree because social media gives away to much information about knife crimes because buying... Is the media showing too much knife-crime? 18/1/19
I think the consequences for crime should depend on how violent The crime is or how many victims... Weekly competition #19 28/1/19
in my opinion many school are doing things to help the environment such as using paper straws... Are Schools Doing Enough? 21/6/19
it is taking so long as there is over 700 billion people in the world and and around 109... Why is it taking so long? 21/6/19
the climate change links to financial crisis because they are both crisis that affect... Weekly Competition #39 28/6/19