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I think it is still going on but only a little bit because not as many people are losing their... Is the financial crisis still happening 12/11/18
People lost their jobs from the crisis because banks were not able to lend them money and people... How Did People Lose Their Jobs From The Financial Crisis? 12/11/18
Why did it start and how? Ask the experts your questions! 12/11/18
I think that It took so long to stop the financial crisis because everyone was confused about... Ask the experts your questions! 12/11/18
Thank you I completely understand it now. How to avoid the Financial Crisis 12/11/18
What I think is that people couldn't pay rent so they got their house taken away. I don't think... How did the people get homeless from the financial crisis 16/11/18
I would say divide because you shouldn't keep people away from each other Do walls protect or divide people? 01/5/19
I don't agree because if the world didn't have borders there would be too many people in some... Weekly Competition #32 10/5/19
I think a bit of both because it could divide family and friends but also it would keep people... Do walls protect or divide people? 10/5/19
In my opinion everyone should be held partially responsible for the situation because everyone... Should everyone be held equally responsible? 24/6/19
heart breaking story. It really tugged at my heart strings. I'm so thankful for all the generous... THE STORY OF A PLASTIC BOTTLE 24/6/19
This poem is truly inspiring CLIMATE CHANGE POEM 24/6/19