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Well done too. Brexit or Bray? (Will Britain exit or stay?) 11/2/22
I like it of how you think. So I think about veganism if everyone become it we will not have... Is Veganism The Climate Revolution? 11/2/22
I chose number one I think it’s both but mostly just natural as you might not know about bias... A video challenge! 04/3/22
I would like to live the country where the boy is as both genders go to school as I am a... Activity 1: boys or girls 04/3/22
The quiz told me that I might be good at being a researcher or fact checking. I like this job... #32 Media jobs! 28/4/22
Ordinary people can eat healthy food or try to have 3 meals a day so they can have good enough... The Monday Challenge! 29/4/22
You can help people with bad English to become an English Tutor. Some a tour guide ,donating... Refugees with special needs and disabilities 29/4/22
42% of women have faced gender discriminations. #33 Mystery statistic 06/5/22
For me it’s saying that not everyone gets to do stuff they want to do in life because of a... Name this cartoon! 12/5/22
I used to think that Boris Johnson would have been the great prime minister of the world however... #34 I used to think, now I think... 14/5/22
I think that elephants should have a an international day of recondition because lots of the... #35 Attention for animals! 19/5/22
For me design means creativity, focus and using imagination. It is important to everyday life as... What does design mean to you? 20/5/22
I agree I have said this because people will vote for it as it is their favorite and the... Should celebrities stay out of politics? 20/5/22
Savarina is what I choose.It is a sweet Romania cake that is medium sized and smothered in syrup... #36 A royal treat! 26/5/22
I think the title should be Listen to the Colours. I chose this title because it looks like... #37 Title challenge 02/6/22
My question is as one of the youngest participants, what do you recall of the 1935 Silver Jubilee? What would you ask the Queen? 02/6/22
It was the 25 anniversary of the queen What would you ask the Queen? 07/6/22
I definitely agree with you. There is elevators in my school that are used for wheelchairs... What would you design? 07/6/22
Sorry I answered the question but blind people would as they cannot see what they ordering and... What would you design? 07/6/22
That is quite a reason witty_raspberry Read this before posting on the power of sound 07/6/22
Lift is what I mean sorry for not specified what it was but I think there should be a button... What would you design? 08/6/22
The benefits are scholarships schemes for students with disabilities, confession in Railway and... What would you design? 08/6/22
After what I learn I’m more surprise and scared with pinch of sadness due to the death of... How do you feel about what you've learnt? 09/6/22
My answer is Yes I said this because If they don’t think about the disability people (blind... The Friday vote! 09/6/22
Pip is wrong because speaking and listening is more important if you are a judge. Speaking is ... #38 That's not right! 09/6/22
My idea is for Schools I think they could have schools in countries refugees move to for not... The Monday Challenge! 10/6/22
I found the word furious and a news story that made me feel this way is guns in America.This... #39 Find it, explain it 17/6/22
Maybe I would protest in the future because firstly I need to know what I’m protesting for and... The Friday vote: would you...? 17/6/22
Why did you decide to change the job of ours?-Harriet Noble Why did you want the job?-Sandra... Got a question about making podcasts? Ask it here! 20/6/22
I think John Shields and Harriet Noble Got a question about making podcasts? Ask it here! 21/6/22
Like is it a good reasonable reason to do what I’m protesting. The Friday vote: would you...? 21/6/22
I agree with you mindful_raisin because in my school we have separate lines, one for year 7 and... What would you design? 21/6/22
It is completely done and it’s wonderful we are all here. Win a star by taking the End of Year Survey! 22/6/22
If you were in charge of the government, what would you do to help people is what I chose and... Challenge and big questions! 22/6/22
Well this is how it will go. We need land to grow the fruits and vegetables and most people have... Challenge and big questions! 27/6/22
I choose Sandra Shmueli . I would like to meet Sandra Shmueli because she works here in the... #40 Meet and greet 27/6/22
I agree that money can’t make you happy 😃 is there is more stuff which make you feel happy like... Can money buy happiness? 28/6/22
Thank you for saying this and it really help me understand news and that’s why I go on this... Got a question about making podcasts? Ask it here! 28/6/22
My top tip for saving money is to reuse any recyclable materials such as paper, cans, etc... Spend and save: your tips 28/6/22
Thank you sir it really helped me get the star by winning the competition, so I will keep on... How to win stars this week: good explanations 28/6/22
John Prideaux- What is the key for being a director? Stevie Hertz- What does it feel like... What's it like to present a podcast? Ask your questions here 28/6/22
I’m in the middle because people use audio to listen and you imagination can flow but there is... Do you agree with this statement? 28/6/22
Challenge 1: in the first circle for ears can be listening to people and radios are used. The... Activity 1: Audio vs visual journalism 28/6/22
Hello I enter a competition like I do normal and how it says 3 sentences or less i accidentally... Got a question about making podcasts? Ask it here! 29/6/22