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I think that women are being locked in a box by men. Because they think they have the power to... Gender inequality 23/3/22
To add up to my work, the men are not giving the women a chance to give their opinions on what... Gender inequality 24/3/22
If the problem of the oximeter is not solved many dark skin people may end up losing their life... If..., then... 26/3/22
When animals like rhinos get extinct please like rainforests Will lake oxygen because when... The Friday vote! 14/5/22
I have found a connection between frozen DNA and seed drones The connection is that If we... Create a connection! 14/5/22
It is the Queen's day to be happy. Example If i was celebrating my Birthday it would not be me... The Friday vote! 06/6/22
The people who can help with celebration should help willingly not forcefully. If you want to... The Friday vote! 10/6/22
I agree. This makes sense because America is a big please anything can happen example there... I don't want to be the only one without a gun 10/6/22
I think virtual activism is the best way to protest because people who are involved in the... What's the best way to protest? 16/6/22
Thank you very much for this quiz A quiz and a question 22/6/22
The people who are going can be an ambush on the way to the office. On their way the... What's the best way to protest? 12/7/22
We get coal from decomposed of animals and also plants. It takes about a hundred years to change... How can biomimicry help? 12/7/22