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nice Weekly Competition #18 24/1/19
your news is good Finding this Issue scary? 24/1/19
amazing ARE ALL GANGS BAD? 24/1/19
why is it wrong? Dangerous uk 28/1/19
what perticular crimes are there killing anything Do Gang Members Mean To Commit A Crime? 28/1/19
thanks for your advice bad things 28/1/19
i agree Are criminals born or made? 28/1/19
long paragraph and good explanation Next for the Bank of England. 28/1/19
but it can be 1 or more people and mostly theres a leader who plans the attacks How does crime affect people? 13/3/19
it would affect us in the uk How will it affect us? 13/3/19
and there is one or a group of people leading it How does crime affect people? 13/5/19
they divide people because if there is a wall it must be there for a reason and split a certain... Do walls protect or divide people? 14/5/19