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what do you think we should do to save our planet What are we actually facing? 06/6/19
what else can we do to save THE EARTH -air pollution Climate change causing Global warming 06/6/19
climate change our future if you do not act fast!!!!!! Weekly Competition #35 06/6/19
I like how you created rthming poem climate change poem 06/6/19
In this poem you are describing what is going on in the earth . I like it. NOW! 08/6/19
I like the way you put in how to make renewable energy Climate Change??? 08/6/19
I like the way that you said you were discussing about deforestation. Affects of Deforestation 08/6/19
Also, you could improve by putting in more information. Affects of Deforestation 08/6/19
That is a good question . you can make paper by some trees and you do not have to chop it off... How does climate change affect the environment? 19/6/19
I really liked your story well done !!!!!!!! The Story of A Plastic Bottle (in its point of view) 19/6/19
I think you have written a lot more because you do not give enough information. Visiting our old school to teach them about the Climate Emergency 19/6/19