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What do you think we should do to help Hong Kong? My Hong Kong argument 11/10/19
You said that people in Hong Kong shouldn't wear masks. Imagine that your the president and you... What I think about the Hong Kong Crisis 11/10/19
I think we should help because china took away their own freedom and now they can't go out.... should we help hong kong 11/10/19
Amazing rap, you used lots of factual words about Hong Kong and whats going on. Maybe you can... VIDEO: Hong Kong Rap 11/10/19
I agree with your point! Why so violent? 11/10/19
Edit : Do you think that Hong Kong will or will not get freedom? 👍 or 👎 ? VIDEO: Hong Kong Rap 11/10/19
Of course it isn't bad. This rap has everything you need to know about Hong Kong's protest! Keep it up! VIDEO: Hong Kong Rap 11/10/19
I got an question. Do you think that we should leave the eu? Or not❓ Do you have any questions about Brexit for a Member of Parliament? 11/10/19
I think that people joins gang to kill or even kidnap for money and that's bad for our... Why do people join gangs? 12/10/19
Hi Admirable_signture! Your point does link to my idea 💡. My Idea is that every humanity in Hong... What will Happen now? 14/10/19
13/15 only two wrong! Is it possible if you do another of this but the topic should be ' What... Quiz time: How to use the Hub! 16/10/19
I didn't read all of it but what Tom said tells me that you've read what you already wrote and... Space Exploration:What happened before? 28/10/19
Do you think that aliens can come to our planet and find us or will they survive on our planet... Timelessness and Space Travel 31/10/19
To be honest, we are actually focusing on space exploration not the planets. But your comment... Timelessness and Space Travel 12/11/19
I may be writing this late but you have used lots of things that has been going on around the... Haiku Slam - Knife Crime 29/11/19
Some extra information : In Britain there is shooting going on in London Bridge. Some schools... Haiku Slam - Knife Crime 29/11/19