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Congratulations great job Hub Highlights and Thought Leader! 22/1/19
Well I really like your explanation and I just wanted to say that you are right the UK is a safe... Finding this Issue scary? 22/1/19
Where did the name crime come from because it means something bad has happened also it does not... Weekly Competition #18 22/1/19
Yes I agree but why do you think it is a safe place to live because you explained why it is not Is the UK a safe place to live? 24/1/19
I agree how do you know if it is decreasing Why is violent crime increasing ? 24/1/19
Actually we are doing better than us but you are right it is decreasing magical_ theory ms Is the whole uk dangerous? 24/1/19
Can you be born into gangs? Why are gangs formed? 24/1/19
Why do you agree? Why is violent crime increasing ? 24/1/19
I agree some parents just don’t bother to take care of their child. Some adopted them then just... How or why are gangs made? 24/1/19
Rumerers spread quickly on well used internets Is everything in the internet true? 25/1/19
I agree but why do you think they join gangs instead of doing finding a batter solution Why do people join gangs? 26/1/19
Why do you think it has increased ? bad things 26/1/19
Mabey you get band because you did a bad move Is everything in the internet true? 26/1/19
I kind of agree but mabey they did not just do it because they see their parents doing it Are criminals born or made? 26/1/19
Why are people making crimes or joining in? UPDATED: Experts announced! Ask your questions! 27/1/19