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I think that courage is the most important quality for journalists to have because if he is not... #4 Because... 28/9/21
Yes that's right #4 Because... 29/9/21
A problem in my community is air pollution from factories and cars. To solve it,l would invent a... #5 Innovation for your nation! 01/10/21
My dream is to become a vet. This job would be good for the environment to prevent animals... #6 Dream jobs 13/10/21
I listened to Al Gore. The most important thing he said is that it was his teacher who opened... #7 Share the expertise 18/10/21
The most interesting thing I learned from Al Gore is that being inspired by anyone is not a... Meet former American vice-president Al Gore 20/10/21
Journalist J... job that relies on collecting and presenting information. O... opportunity to... #8 The News 24/10/21
The book I know is called The Woman Who Lived in a Tree: & Other Perfect Strangers and is by Don... #9 Think of a link 04/11/21
I think picture D is the best representation of the news because it develops our information... #10 Pick a picture 05/11/21
In my view it is the best representation of the news because the news can protect people when... #10 Pick a picture 05/11/21
I think picture C is the best representation of the news because the news comes to us from all... #10 Pick a picture 05/11/21
I n my view it is the best representation of the news because the news enlightens us with the... #10 Pick a picture 05/11/21
In my view, the news needs complete care in terms of the absence of rumors and the accuracy of... #10 Pick a picture 08/11/21
From my point of view, I think it is the best representation of the news because news travels... #10 Pick a picture 09/11/21
I would like to find out more about headline A because I am interested in astronomy and the... #11 Tell me more! 16/11/21
If l were leader of my country, I would promise to respecting and appreciating women and not... #12 Important promises 19/11/21
It is important for me to talk about the news, because it talks about interests and various... #13 You and the news 26/11/21
I would like to interview Angela Markel to learn more about her persistence and prove her... #14 Interview who? 08/12/21
A new life ahead with metaverse virtual world. #15 Headline of 2021 09/12/21
Iceland's new technological innovations and their capability to help reduce environmental pollution. #15 Headline of 2021 11/12/21
The example of artificial intelligence (smart bed) impresses me because through it I can... Put yourself in the story! 15/12/21
My question is: What question do you have for the news of the year 2022?? Will there be any... #16 Wheel decide! 06/1/22
My idea would be technology. It will succeed because everyone is fascinated by technology and... The Monday Challenge 12/1/22
.If I win one million dollars, equivalent to 3 million shekels, I will build a huge restaurant... #17 Hey big spender! 13/1/22
The most important graph for a country's leader to see is.. Hospitalisations. This is because by... You're in charge! 14/1/22
"Should decisions about covid-19 rules go to a public vote? I said Not sure I said this... Should covid-19 rules go to a public vote? 14/1/22
The most important skill for a leader making decisions about covid-19 is..Listening This is... Which skill is most important for decision-making? 14/1/22
I found the word world. This is a link to the news because the news comes from all over the... #18 Search and say! 20/1/22
Of course, these expectations may be right or wrong, because I said I am not sure, but giving... Should covid-19 rules go to a public vote? 20/1/22
In the opinion of the third reason, the feeling of accomplishment (regardless of the fact that... Should covid-19 rules go to a public vote? 21/1/22
I said Not sure. I said this because I don't think it's a good idea for the government not to... Should schools decide what they teach? 26/1/22
Person A I don't agree with you What do you mean the news has nothing to do with you? I think... #19 Respond! 27/1/22
The thing I think schools in my area should focus on more isBasic Education (Basic... If governments don't keep their climate promises... 28/1/22
I think V icon would be the best icon for news app. It represents the news because the news... #20 The winning icon 05/2/22
If I were a news reporter, I would be report about UNRWA's online safety campaign in our... #21 You choose the news! 13/2/22