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Hi I'm from Palestine,in Palestine everything is beautiful like trees,rivers and mountains and... #31 Start the conversation! 17/4/21
Personally, I think that UK rules are the best.The rules don't prevent any person from using... Which of the countries' approaches is best? 13/9/21
Yes, they should be punished for spreading false information and conspiracies that lead to... Should people who purposefully spread false conspiracy theories face consequences? 26/9/21
I suggest we work on magazines where we write about conspiracies and rumours What are the different ways to debunk conspiracy theories? 27/9/21
The first measure is not to spread false rumors and plots The second measure is the benefit that... What are the different ways to debunk conspiracy theories? 28/9/21
I think people think that landing on the moon is a rumor because it is unbelievable, but in fact... Debunking the Moon myths 29/9/21
I will do a video that talks about the harms and benefits of games First: I meet the child who... You're the journalist! 01/10/21
With the increase in accidents resulting from climate change, many people are beginning to... Can public awareness influence COP26 decisions positively? 01/10/21
Perhaps it is time for us to consider animal feelings as important as we do with human feelings,... Are animals' feelings more important than human wants? 01/10/21
The problem of society is air pollution because of: Factory smoke, automobile smoke, fuel... #5 Innovation for your nation! 01/10/21
Factories and scientists can design robots for sterilization, examinations and rescue, and... What's the alternative? 01/10/21
I'm going to host a person from Iceland and ask him questions about technology .. The first... Today I'm interviewing... 03/10/21
I think it will make a big difference and I think this because it's a promising way to... Will the carbon-capture plant make a difference? 03/10/21
When I thought, I found that doctors find great problems with sterilization, examinations, and... How could technology help solve other problems? 04/10/21
I have searched more and I found that I could ask him an open question ... How was Iceland... Today I'm interviewing... 04/10/21
I do not think that technology is the only solution to solve our problems. Technology cannot... "We cannot innovate ourselves out of this mess." Do you agree? 05/10/21
I would like to meet the child who plays games and see the effect of the games on him and then.... You're the journalist! 07/10/21
The skill of exploiting learning skills.. that is, when we have an opportunity to learn a skill,... What green skills will be important in the future? 11/10/21
My dream job is sustainability officer This job would be good for the environment... #6 Dream jobs 13/10/21
for the future are Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence is: intelligence that a person... What green skills will be important in the future? 14/10/21
It is easier to spread conspiracy theories than to refute them, given that correcting deeply... How else could you debunk conspiracy theories? 14/10/21
Businessmen and politicians resort to spreading the conspiracy theory when they feel threatened.... How else could you debunk conspiracy theories? 14/10/21
What are your concerns about the adoption of Bitcoin? Who is the most affected group by the... Question the photograph! 14/10/21
Agree on the statement that says (Punish the false journalists who spread false rumors and plot... Squirrel statements: who do you agree with? 15/10/21
Important journalistic skills are: 1- Coding is used to learn the basics of programming. 2-... Speedy skills review! 15/10/21
We are now going to talk about the best way to publish news. I think there are many ways, but I... A journalist's toolkit 17/10/21
During which the cash money obtained from an illegal (illegal) work is transferred to legitimate... The Pandora papers: explore more! 18/10/21
Money laundering is considered one of the most serious crimes, with negative repercussions on... The Pandora papers: explore more! 18/10/21
I believe that all skills are as important as listening, speaking, problem solving and creative... Speedy skills review! 21/10/21
I agree with the third opinion. These papers must be revealed.. It is a good job.. Money... Squirrel statements: who do you agree with? 22/10/21
1. The most surprising thing I felt about him was that heads of state, politicians and... The Pandora papers: explore more! 22/10/21
Nobel Peace Prize and Democracy : The Nobel Prize is thus named for Alfred Nobel. Its winner... Keyword connections 27/10/21
I will be interviewing Maria: Why do you think you won the award?? Because I did a successful... Answer as the award winners! 27/10/21
Journalist Peter R. de Vries is a Dutch journalist who has been working on knowledge and control... Learn more about brave journalists 27/10/21
The brave journalist that I will talk about Hassan Asleh is an Arab journalist living in... Learn more about brave journalists 28/10/21
Dear Mayor, I am a bird and the fish has voted because I think I can solve a big problem for it:... Prepare your pitch! 01/11/21
I chose number 1 because we suffer from population density and lack of land. I have been living... Rewilding where you live 01/11/21
How can people help to rebuild???? I said in my previous comment that we suffer from many... Rewilding where you live 02/11/21
To the question that was asked: Do animals feel like us????? Yes, they feel like us. People do... Would you rather...? 03/11/21
In this activity I chose to be a bird: My town is not very advanced, so you see that birds... Questions for each character 04/11/21
Global warming is caused by environmental waste, such as factory and car smoke. I know that we... What's your idea? 07/11/21
We need healthy food because it gives us energy and strength and builds the body easily. For... Should some foods be banned? 09/11/21
Yes. To maintain the health of the body, such as kidney failure, which affects the kidneys.... Should some foods be banned? 11/11/21
I will make robots that get rid of food leftovers because they cause global warming. Of course,... Would, wouldn't, why? 12/11/21
I do not think it is fair that they do not have access to their money. Sudan is a poor country,... Poll: Is it fair to pause aid? 15/11/21
If I were the leader of my country, I would not follow what America did. How could it stop aid... You're a world leader... 16/11/21
Sudan has an area of ​​about 865,000 square kilometers and a population of about 37 million. Of... Take our Coup in Sudan quiz 16/11/21
The armed forces in Sudan have played a major role in the government and the economy. Also,... Why is it hard to share power? 16/11/21
Because it believes that Sudan supports terrorism, but it is a false belief because the Sudanese... You're a world leader... 16/11/21
From my point of view, I punish them, but not before investigation and knowledge, because it is... Should people who purposefully spread false conspiracy theories face consequences? 17/11/21
Welcome to the interview with myself program: What job do you want to do? I want to become an... Five quickfire questions on the future of your work! 17/11/21
Modern technology in Iceland, we know that they made a machine to extract carbon dioxide, and we... Today I'm interviewing... 26/11/21
Yes, in my opinion, we should set new rules for them. There is a question that arises, why... The Thursday Thinking Question 29/11/21
The most important thing I learned is that a soldier does not care about anything and defends... Guest post: What's it like at the border? 29/11/21
If I could meet the leader of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, I would advise him and ask him to... The Monday Challenge! 30/11/21
First, the protection of man and the strength of a man is not to carry a gun and the weapons of... What are the different opinions on this case? 02/12/21
Yes, of course, I will be happy. Execution is the killing of a criminal. Yes, it is a bad idea.... What are the different opinions on this case? 02/12/21
I do not agree that guns should remain because it is dangerous and not safe because Kyle... Should American gun laws stay the same? 06/12/21
Game Regulations is the most negative thing I've seen: It causes harm and benefit: Damage: It... Which of these stories... 05/1/22
I think that the most likely possibility is travel problems due to the current disease Corona,... Which and why? 06/1/22
I think we should refuse to go to the big event because they are violating a human right which... Should people boycott some sports events in 2022? 06/1/22
I say no because Corona is evolving like technology. Don't you hear that in the news they say... The Friday vote! 10/1/22
The most important thing in artificial intelligence is the mirror: Because the mirror will serve... Put yourself in the story! 10/1/22
The most important skill of a leader is that he is wise and can solve any problem he faces, so... Which skill is most important for decision-making? 14/1/22
The idea I chose is to focus on reading because it achieves many areas so that the student can... Choose one idea to explore 21/1/22
My reaction is "anger" because I still don't believe people are destroying the environment,... Reality, reveal, react! 27/1/22
Avatars can be a good idea because they can make you young and happy, a child to see what you... Are avatars a good idea? 08/2/22
You have chosen the story that says: Heavy rain causes floods. Floods are: an increase in the... Think up a headline! 11/2/22
I think things are designed to suit women. In this topic I discussed it with my classmates and... Video discussion: is design biased? 06/3/22
I think that it is not possible to distinguish between the sexes, men and women, at work, but... The Friday vote: quotas at work! 08/3/22
If we specify, we will see that a small number of men like shopping compared to women, for... Video discussion: is design biased? 08/3/22
I think that it is easier for the government to control the country because it is responsible... Is it getting harder for governments to control what people see? 11/3/22
Design for me means harmony and different tastes. The tastes should not be the same. Everyone... What does design mean to you? 28/3/22
I think that it is acceptable to make animals work because they do hard and tiring work that... It's acceptable if... 15/4/22
Among the celebrities that I loved so much are not present in the learning video, but they are... Red carpet recap 20/4/22