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Hi, it's a clever conclusion I want to introduce you to my country, Palestine, according to me,... #31 Start the conversation! 17/4/21
I live in Palestine. I wish people knew that in Palestine ... I will talk about my country of... Session 1: the environment and covid-19 19/4/21
Hello today, I will tell you that I am Covid-19 has become very common. I want to become for you... Find week your WEEK 6 Cluster Conversation! 21/4/21
Hello I am live in Gaza City, I believe that the climate changed slowly and gradually, not... Find week your WEEK 6 Cluster Conversation! 21/4/21
forever together Refreshing the world 🌎 End this demolition Skipping fear derriere Help your... #32 A fresh start! 25/4/21
good morning, I, as a Palestinian citizen, have realized that COVID-19 has not only had good... How can waste be harmful to the environment? 06/5/21
the issue of climate change in Palestine has become of great importance as a result of the rapid... Session 3: what's the best option? 07/5/21
my first question is to Nada, how do you think about protecting the environment? Most people do... Session 3: what's the best option? 07/5/21
I think South Korea's approach is the best for two. reason .First,they respect the right of... Which of the countries' approaches is best? 13/9/21
In my opinion ,China is the strictest, because it gives a little time to play games.I also... Who's the strictest? 13/9/21
I chose to be on the Team Game Company. First of all,its not our responsibility to control... Whose responsibility is it to regulate children's gaming? 16/9/21
In my point of view, honesty is the most recommwnded quality for journalists, becuase it makes... #4 Because... 24/9/21
When we say "I"-as when Rene Descartes said,"I think therefore I am " we mean the head.So our... Why you must write in your own words 25/9/21
The news T this thing is around us,and it's consider as the backbone of our lives. H ... #8 The News 23/10/21
In my opinion, those who have the greatest authority to tackle climate change are governments,... Who has the most power to tackle climate change? 11/2/22
If I were a news reporter, I would report on the siege on the Gaza Strip. This news story... #21 You choose the news! 12/2/22
My opinion is that every person should entertain himself, but for short and specific periods, so... A poll about Pam's story 12/2/22
I think that the reason why the world does not do enough is that countries do not work together... Why is the world not doing enough? 12/2/22
Malala, you are a brave girl. My question is whether after the Taliban shot you, did your... Special opportunity - ask a question to Malala! 17/2/22
I would like to ask Malala whether you were frustrated when you initially did not find any use... Special opportunity - ask a question to Malala! 18/2/22
The only thing that Russia should do is to withdraw its soldiers from the border so that the two... What should Russia do next? 20/2/22
I would like to live in the country where the boy lives, because I saw that the country in which... Activity 1: boys or girls 23/2/22
There are many women who are subjected to violence by men, and this principle is also due to... Bias and inequality: the challenges 23/2/22
Many women suffer from discrimination and inequality between them and men, specifically in terms... Bias and inequality: the challenges 23/2/22
Equality and non-discrimination is a human right. Discrimination against women is widespread in... How to start a discussion about this Project 27/2/22
There must be equality between men and women and the division between them equally. The... The Friday vote: quotas at work! 05/3/22
I think that things are designed for men in a way more than women, that is, they are better... Video discussion: is design biased? 05/3/22
My country is successful and I am proud of it because there is no discrimination between men and... #24 Success stories! 06/3/22
Regarding the first question, yes, I think that men and women can do the same work, but there... How the war changed women's life? 06/3/22
There are roles played by both sexes, and they are roles that are shaped by social conditions... How to start a discussion about this Project 06/3/22
Regarding the second question, yes, women suffer from wars. Women live with the consequences of... How the war changed women's life? 06/3/22
The countryside is characterized by its small size and area compared to the city, as it contains... The Friday vote! 07/3/22
Did you not think that there are negatives in the countryside? I respect your decision, but you... The Friday vote! 09/3/22
Regarding theYes, it is true, but not in all cases. There are jobs for women and men, and there... How the war changed women's life? 09/3/22
As for the question, what do you do when you are angry or frustrated? I go somewhere quiet and... Malala answers Topical Talk questions! 12/3/22
My opinion is that if the Russian people see this propaganda, some of them will not care about... The Friday Vote 13/3/22
I think ethnic diversity is a beautiful and useful thing. Specifically in industry and work,... The Friday vote 27/3/22
I really liked this topic, and we discussed it our opinions and ideas, and the students... Give us your feedback on this week's activities! 28/3/22
Design for me is the formation, innovation and manufacture of something to give a function or... What does design mean to you? 28/3/22
I think that motorized cars are more harmful for dark-skinned people, and this development is... If..., then... 29/3/22
My opinion is for companies, in particular, the telecommunications company, to provide... The Monday Challenge! 30/3/22
Yes, it is possible if the telecommunications company can provide the free credit to everyone,... The Monday Challenge! 31/3/22
Yes, it is possible if the telecommunications company can provide the free credit to everyone,... The Monday Challenge! 31/3/22
I respect your decision, but don't you think that children and students are not psychologically... The Monday Challenge! 01/4/22
I think that celebrities are the basis for the development and success of society, and I think... Should celebrities stay out of politics? 01/4/22
I have two questions which are as follows, what role can financial inclusion play in order to... How to create your Break the bias Standpoint 01/4/22
We cannot be unfair to anyone. There are celebrities who are role models for us and a role model... Do celebrities have a responsibility to be role models? 04/4/22
Yes, that's great. They should meet with their families to feel safe. But don't you think when... The Monday Challenge! 06/4/22
I think that it is the agricultural communities via the Internet, because in this way the farmer... Which of these technologies will make the biggest difference? 08/4/22
In my opinion, the billionaire cannot bear the problem of hunger, but if he wants to donate an... Do billionaires have a responsibility to help solve world hunger? 11/4/22
The government cannot increase taxes on billionaires because they have a lot of money. For... Do billionaires have a responsibility to help solve world hunger? 13/4/22
We do not stop using animals at work. Animals have a great role in the work they need, for... Will we ever stop using animals for work? 14/4/22
The task that his robot will do is to help people with disabilities, and I think that there are... Invent a robot to do an animal's job! 23/4/22
The strange thing is the tiger because it does nothing of it. It is for entertainment only. It... What's the odd one out? 23/4/22
I do not agree with you, because the schools’ job is to teach students useful sciences. As for... The Friday vote! 27/4/22
I think that there is more than one party responsible for ensuring what children see first. News... The Friday vote! 27/4/22
Yes, social media users should enjoy freedom of expression, but it is limited. I mean, there are... Should social media users have total free speech? 07/5/22
For the first question, should Twitter have rules about what can and cannot be said? My answer... First thoughts 07/5/22
I do not agree with you. I see that you have circulated this answer to everyone. There are those... Should social media users have total free speech? 09/5/22
I chose to write as a cinema director in Russia. I chose this because I will continue my work in... News flash! Disney and others halt their film releases 09/5/22
Yes, we must decide what we will publish and what we will not publish. For example, we do not... Should social media users have total free speech? 18/5/22