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When there is corruption, repression in democratic governmental country and the development of... #1 Topical Talk triangle 09/9/21
Topical Talk Triangle from my opinion_ When someone wants to be a leader, there are a... #1 Topical Talk triangle 09/9/21
Topical Talk Triangle from my opinion_ Principle is the basis of politics. Being elected in... #1 Topical Talk triangle 09/9/21
We can define addiction as the inability to control use of a substance or behavior. When... #2 Children's news channel 12/9/21
Now a days, gaming is almost a negative term to us. The only cause is game addiction. But we... #2 Children's news channel 13/9/21
Why are we confined in thinking about addiction of gaming? A teaching of gaming for our life is... #2 Children's news channel 13/9/21
Obstacles can't make a reporter away from his duty! #3 Caption this 20/9/21
I think, courage is the most important quality for journalists to have. Because, honesty... #4 Because... 29/9/21
If I had to pick one piece of evidence to prove the moon landings happened, I'll choose the flag... Debunking the Moon myths 30/9/21
A problem in my community is technology addiction of young generation. To solve it, I would... #5 Innovation for your nation! 04/10/21
My dream job is to be a political leader. This job would be good for the environment because... #6 Dream jobs 13/10/21
I guess, I used many words to describe my answer. #6 Dream jobs 14/10/21
Three green skills I think will be important for the future of work are: First skill is... What green skills will be important in the future? 14/10/21
I agree with the statement that says, "Offshore transactions aren’t illegal! The journalists are... Squirrel statements: who do you agree with? 18/10/21
I have chosen problem-solving. The reason is_ Problem detecting is the first step of problem... Speedy skills review! 18/10/21
Pen is the sword for a journalist and pencil is the sword for a cartoonist. From my opinion,... A journalist's toolkit 21/10/21
To me, the most surprising thing in the story is including more than 330 politicians from 90... The Pandora papers: explore more! 21/10/21
Journalism is the profession, which believes the motto, Truth is Beauty. Maximum times... The Pandora papers: explore more! 21/10/21
J-Judge yourself with knowledge O- Observe the society U- Uphold the truth R- Raise your... #8 The News 23/10/21
1. Freedom of press is like pillar of democracy. So, I’ve tried to establish democracy and... Answer as the award winners! 24/10/21
‘Nobel Peace Prize’ and ‘Power’ are connected. Because, winning a Nobel peace prize is a... Keyword connections 24/10/21
"Freedom of the press" and "Safety" are connected. Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden,... Keyword connections 28/10/21