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How to solve the problem of discrimination between women and men via the Internet?? We... Activity 2: bias in the media 02/3/22
1- The hosting country’s government can provide governmental housing or provide sponsored... The Monday Challenge! 23/3/22
If this problem between white skin and brown skin is not fixed, the field of agriculture will... If..., then... 23/3/22
For me, design means innovation and creating something creative that expresses you and is in... What does design mean to you? 24/3/22
I think this week's topic is great. I loved it so much because it is so up-to-date and unique. ... Give us your feedback on this week's activities! 26/3/22
I believe that the problem of climate change should be addressed first, because a lack of rain... What would be your first focus? 08/4/22
Unfortunately, my answer to this question is "NO," and I will explain why in the following... Do billionaires have a responsibility to help solve world hunger? 08/4/22