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Inequality is a common thing, especially in developing countries, and it's a topic that we... Bias and inequality: the challenges 21/2/22
Well, i would've started with the people around me first, by giving information/advices about... Bias and inequality: the challenges 22/2/22
The character i chose is Hermione Granger from the book series harry potter, i think she would... #22 Escape the pages! 22/2/22
If all girls heard me, i would've said : "be the person you'd be proud of. don't limit your... #23 What should they hear? 24/2/22
I live in Palestine, i think People in political places will help our community and cities grow... What ONE change? 27/2/22
I chose the countryside , Regardless of the fact that I am a person who loves quiet places , i... The Friday vote! 27/2/22
Well, flying cars will probably not need gasoline to get it to work, which will reduce the... Travel to the future 27/2/22
I think in 100 years shopping will have a huge development , but how can this effect the cities... Travel to the future 27/2/22
Here's my answers: 1- there's two things that decide your opinions and beliefs : A- how you... answer me.. 28/2/22
Answering to your question, i don't think it's a kind of bias, because humans done multiple... answer me.. 01/3/22
I have a question for you, if you were in a social place/level that gives you the opportunity to... What ONE change? 01/3/22
I think safety objects are mainly designed to suit men, for example, science experiments and... Video discussion: is design biased? 02/3/22
I will talk about the national dialogue on Women, Peace and security. Gaza worked with with... #24 Success stories! 03/3/22
Not all the time. I think saying that every job have to have 50% men and 50% women limits... The Friday vote: quotas at work! 07/3/22
I said Harder I think this because, in social media, everyone spread news and opinions,... Is it getting harder for governments to control what people see? 10/3/22
I think the differences are: 1- Ukraine's president explained that Ukraine wants peace, but... Spot the differences 10/3/22
Women's inventions are uncountable. What i will say isn't an invention, but don't you think... #25 Best inventions! 11/3/22
I would've chose "Yes, as long as they are aware of the truth" option if it was available. I... The Friday Vote 13/3/22
Yes, because of social media. Russian government might control the content that appears to their... The Friday Vote 14/3/22
Society see men as the "tough, strong and unbeatable creatures", and doesn't care about the fact... Men's Mental Health 14/3/22
One reason why Ukrainian men SHOULD be expected to stay and fight is Because it's their country,... Should Ukrainian men be expected to stay and fight? 17/3/22
My idea of helping people access all the factual information, is simply teeling them to do their... The Monday Challenge! 18/3/22
A lot of things made me say that: 1- like i said, men might have things that blocks them from... Should Ukrainian men be expected to stay and fight? 18/3/22
"we don't know when we'll see him again" my reaction was that i thought of DENIAL. I though of... One word reactions 18/3/22
i think that countries should accept all refugees, that's because everyone deserves living in a... The Friday vote 19/3/22
I feel like I didn't explain myself clearly in the previous comment so I will now. I chose "we... One word reactions 19/3/22
I "personally" think that human souls are more important than ANY other thing. So no, I don't... The Friday vote 21/3/22
Refugees should feel settled and safe, even if they live in a country other than their home... The Monday Challenge! 21/3/22
Something i think would help is; offering therapists to refugees, especially kids! We all know... The Monday Challenge! 21/3/22
There are a lot of challenges of course, but every problem has a solution. Let's take what you... The Monday Challenge! 22/3/22
I chose to talk about oxemeteres. It's a really serious topic, if this does not get fixed it... If..., then... 23/3/22
To me, design means "devolping". Most of modern things today is inspired by ancient... What does design mean to you? 25/3/22
I'm not really sure about if they have to hire people from a range of ethnic backgrounds, i... The Friday vote 25/3/22
My first reaction was "Inspirational"! I think what disney did was so brave and good, and it... Minnie Mouse's new look for Women's History Month 28/3/22
The word i chose is "influence". Because influence means effecting someone into some belief or... #27 One word! 28/3/22
Yes, I think all shops should be for all gender identities. For example, clothes shops should... Minnie Mouse's new look for Women's History Month 29/3/22
I think governments would simply help by supporting the designs of the people that lives in... The Monday Challenge 30/3/22
I chose the picture B, because i think it reflects everything i think and learned about gender,... #28 Pick a pic! 31/3/22
"a part of history" I chose that sentence because the situation of Sandra bullock is really... Caption this photo... 04/4/22
A person doesn't need success to feel confident, but they need confidence to feel their success. Caption this photo... 04/4/22
"the star that became a star"! We usually refer to celebrities as "stars" because of their... Caption this photo... 04/4/22
"Humans causes problems for theirselves" that's the first thing that popped up in my head when... #29 Wet headline 08/4/22
It's acceptable to make animals do work if it doesn't harm them, of course, humans want work to... It's acceptable if... 13/4/22