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I will tell you the story of my mother in a nutshell: my mother is the youngest member of the... Bias and inequality: the challenges 22/2/22
Of course, I live with a family that does not practice bias and I try not to make this mistake... Bias and inequality: the challenges 22/2/22
In fact, there are many reasons why I chose to live in a quiet rural environment 1) The absence... The Friday vote! 25/2/22
my dear friends Self-confidence despite all circumstances and not giving up. There will come... #23 What should they hear? 02/3/22
In fact, the Arab media is working to turn the scales against women in men (society), as in all... Gender Bias in the Media 02/3/22
Although the state is an occupied country, this did not stop as an obstacle to the achievements... #24 Success stories! 03/3/22
In fact, if this propaganda caused a sensation worldwide, I think some of them will understand... The Friday Vote 11/3/22
In fact, if they want to return to their homeland, they must stay because if they leave, they... Should Ukrainian men be expected to stay and fight? 17/3/22
I won't talk much but... The title would be more correct if you said why men and women in... Should Ukrainian men be expected to stay and fight? 19/3/22
It is a process of innovation and creativity, a process of unleashing, it belongs to all people... What does design mean to you? 24/3/22
If the problem of discrimination in design is not considered, then we can say that the world and... If..., then... 24/3/22
I would choose the word "history" Because the events that happen and the news that are... #27 One word! 28/3/22
They have to work on building houses, apartments and neighborhoods in a variety of ways.... They... The Monday Challenge 29/3/22
In fact, I am not sure, because in the beginning every person has the right to express his... Should celebrities stay out of politics? 03/4/22
My confidence is the secret of my success) I chose this sentence because the picture shows when... Caption this photo... 05/4/22
my opinion is yes The celebrity can be a role model. How is that.... Some celebrities around... Do celebrities have a responsibility to be role models? 05/4/22