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I think she`s a good leader because she is trying to stop the violence from happening and people... What do you think of Aung Sung Suu Kyi? 04/10/18
I was on my ship . then my ship crashed into a rock. then my ship sunk in the water. so I... Weekly Competition #11 22/11/18
it is affecting us because people had to leave their homes, lose their jobs and money so it... Is the financial crisis still effecting us? 22/11/18
Why are banks so important? Weekly Competition #14 10/12/18
Pangaea is never the same we have to risk our life in pain when we was split apart its like... Weekly Competition #23 28/2/19
criminals are both for example when i was 6 years old and i was selling drugs that would be made... ISSUE: Are Criminals BORN Or MADE ? 01/3/19
i would be born to be a criminal ISSUE: Are Criminals BORN Or MADE ? 01/3/19
Why is Brexit a big deal? We need YOUR questions! 01/3/19
I think should leave school and protest because children might have the right to do it Weekly Competition #36 13/6/19
I love your poem its really nice NOW! 13/6/19