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To all the girls out there, it has been known and stated that girls have been treated unfairly.... #23 What should they hear? 01/3/22
Fact 2. Fact 2 matters and should be considered because it is a fact that only 39% of women in... Activity 2: bias in the media 01/3/22
Hi, well am from Benue state, Nigeria. Benue state is a nations acclaimed food basket because of... #24 Success stories! 03/3/22
Yes I agree with you. By this, women will be able to have the courage to express their selves... Activity 2: bias in the media 03/3/22
Fact 2. Fact 2 matters and should be of great concern. For instance, were I come from women are... Activity 2: bias in the media 03/3/22
Exactly. And we will succeed. Activity 2: bias in the media 04/3/22
I feel it's a brilliant idea because quotas in workplaces is one possible solution to... The Friday vote: quotas at work! 04/3/22
Wow this is interesting! I can't wait to attempt this. Activity 3: Pick a person 09/3/22
That is very much true. The reason why I feel it's true is because I am also a victim of this... A video challenge! 09/3/22
Hi everyone. I choose to answer the question 1 because I feel that the unconscious bias is been... A video challenge! 09/3/22
Well, I found out that in 1889, Herminie Cadolle was the first woman to invent 'BRASSIERE' for... #25 Best inventions! 10/3/22
And I think am also a victim of subconscious bias and I would like to correct the unduly... Bias at work: conscious and unconscious 16/3/22
I pick card 5 because where I live in, called Nigeria, there is an unconscious believe whereby ... Activity 4: How can we stop bias at work? 18/3/22
I believe that programmes about increase pay transparency would be good. Activity 4: How can we stop bias at work? 18/3/22
The piece of music I have chosen is "TEARS in Heaven" by CLAPTON ERIC.I think it's important... #26 A moment for music 19/3/22
Thank you very much. And am encouraged by all to do great things😊😃 Gender bias in soccer/football 21/3/22
The stereotype of women not being able to participate in politics Bias at work: conscious and unconscious 21/3/22
Organizations such as Women's Sport Foundation, Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation and The... Gender bias in soccer/football 23/3/22
That's very encouraging to note about Kenya. Here in Nigeria, it is very discouraging... Bias in the military 23/3/22
Going through the article, I found out, and learnt that social media has a negative impact on... The pressure to be a perfect teenager 24/3/22
First of all, Minnie's look is INFLUENTIAL. You may ask me the reason why Minnie's... Minnie Mouse's new look for Women's History Month 25/3/22
Good day ZAIMAL, I have two question which has been bothering me but I need to ask this... Zaimal from The Fawcett Society answers your questions! 25/3/22
My Question is; Is it possible to eradicate or reduce bias based on transportation. If yes, pls... How can we fix the problem of bias in transport? 25/3/22
Can I at least answer this question please. Have you seen gender bias in education? 25/3/22
Wow what a wonderful write up being learnt by you What have you learnt from someone else about gender equality? 25/3/22
Based on what women face in Nigeria, I think she would influence women who are not able to wear... Minnie Mouse's new look for Women's History Month 29/3/22
yes you are right. Thanks for providing your solutions. Gender bias in soccer/football 05/4/22
Thank you very much sincere_spring for this wonderful observation. Gender and colours 07/4/22
Based on my research, I found out that girls are to like red color and boys are only to like... Gender and colours 07/4/22
The basic thing to note is that women can lead but only if the unconscious believe is eradicated... Can women lead? 07/4/22
My answer to this particular question is YES . I believe that billionaires can stop hunger. The... Do billionaires have a responsibility to help solve world hunger? 07/4/22
I think the headline should say SOCIAL MEDIA CAUSES PROBLEMS FOR TEENAGERS. This is an important... #29 Wet headline 08/4/22