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Always believe that you are valuable and powerful, and you all deserve every chance and... #23 What should they hear? 01/3/22
In my country Nigeria, we were the first to have hosted the first-ever boxing world title event... #24 Success stories! 04/3/22
I found out that in 1886, the first dishwasher in the world, was invented by a great woman by... #25 Best inventions! 10/3/22
My answer is... I'm not sure I said this because president Puttin could very dangerous and... The Friday Vote 11/3/22
My idea, which helps people to reach real and factual information is to intoduce subjects like... The Monday Challenge! 16/3/22
Thank you sir I really appreciate. An example of a past propaganda was during the first and... The Monday Challenge! 17/3/22
The piece of song i have have chosen is called "You Don't own me" by lesley gore. I feel it is... #26 A moment for music 17/3/22
Indeed, a great topic for discussion and I think it calls for attention. I strongly agree with... The pink tax and debunking it 23/3/22
Here in my country, research has made it clear that in the 80's the women were often scared and... Bias in the military 23/3/22
To me design could simply be put as something that is created out of ones wild imaginations,... What does design mean to you? 24/3/22
If this problem does not get fixed then no-touch hand driers should not be used at all. I... If..., then... 24/3/22
Designs are things created out of ones wild imaginations and desire to solve daily problems. The... What does design mean to you? 24/3/22
The word I have chosen is "invaluable". This word sums up the news for me because to me the news... #27 One word! 25/3/22
To me design simply refers to an imaginary idea that a designer like me puts into reality with... What does design mean to you? 25/3/22
A great discussion starter. I have also discovered that the women league football are not being... Gender bias in soccer/football 25/3/22
Of course i wouldn't say people should be allowed to dress the way they want, because if they do... The Dressing (Fashion) Bias 29/3/22
That was a nice post by constructive_moth. Through the article I am truly convinced that women... Gender Bias In Agriculture. 30/3/22
The picture I have chosen is the C. if you have a close look at the picture, it comprises of... #28 Pick a pic! 01/4/22
Sir Tom, I strongly agree with tranquil_rock trying to get rid of such a mentality from those... The family the first agent of gender bias 02/4/22
Sir Tom, thanks once again for the question you have asked about how we can educate people that... The family the first agent of gender bias 04/4/22
I agree with you. That statement is 100% correct to some people, even here were I stay in... Can women lead? 05/4/22
"hurray, great chance to sound off!!" I chose this as my caption because, it is clearly shown in... Caption this photo... 06/4/22
This is a marvellous stand point illuminated_imagination. Actually I have also observed that in... EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK 08/4/22