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The fictional character I chose was Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe in the book (the legend of Dr. Nnamdi... #22 Escape the pages! 19/2/22
What is Inequality? Gender wise, inequality is discrimination on the basis of sex or... Bias and inequality: the challenges 19/2/22
Education helps people become better citizens. It shows the difference between good and bad.... Bias and inequality: the challenges 24/2/22
Ladies listen up! you all are entitled to being whatever you want, doing what ever you want, how... #23 What should they hear? 24/2/22
Most definitely I will discuss it with him and advise him. Also, I would give the person a real... What if someone is biased? 26/2/22
Thank you for seeing my post. Well, I think gender inequality affects everyone. So, men also can... Can Men Be Victims Of Gender Inequality? 01/3/22
I think FACT5 matters because if news stories do not inform us about matters of this sort, many... Activity 2: bias in the media 01/3/22
I am proud of where I live because we respect and appreciate our culture. In Africa, Nigeria is... #24 Success stories! 03/3/22
BIAS IN HEALTH CARE AND ITS SOLUTIONS Break the Bias Feature Image 10 This is an interesting... Activity 3: Pick a person 09/3/22
You have a point. Thank you for helping me to think that way on this issue because honestly, it... Can Men Be Victims Of Gender Inequality? 11/3/22
OK. In this part of the world you, if a girl should slap a boy for instance, passerbys would... Can Men Be Victims Of Gender Inequality? 17/3/22
Doesn't gender bias affect eveyone? I throw this question everyone both male and female. Rewards: what to aim for! 17/3/22
Good evening. Thank you for answering my question. Firstly, an example of gender bias... Rewards: what to aim for! 18/3/22
IF YOU HAD THE CHANCE TO STOP GENDER BIAS, WAHT WOULD YOU DO? Firstly, I would like to give... Rewards: what to aim for! 22/3/22
IF YOU HAD THE CHANCE TO STOP GENDER BIAS, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Can Men Be Victims Of Gender Inequality? 24/3/22
Firstly, I would like to give a round of applause to willing_globe for asking this very... What have you learnt from someone else about gender equality? 24/3/22
I think that a major cause of gender inequality is STEREOTYPE ( a generalized belief about a... What causes gender inequality? 24/3/22
For me, design is to look at the bigger picture. Design is to think outside the box. Design is... What does design mean to you? 25/3/22
My answer is... Yes I said this because I said this because in business, the consumers are... The Friday vote 25/3/22
Good point. If..., then... 25/3/22
If this does not get fixed, people will end getting arrested or even behind bars for doing... If..., then... 25/3/22
Good day. To be honest, you have a point. CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME. If I discuss the issue with... Can Men Be Victims Of Gender Inequality? 28/3/22
Fantastic constructive_moth. Nice post. To answer your question, Women should also believe in... Gender Bias In Agriculture. 28/3/22
Sir Tom, please forgive me if I am being intrusive but I think the 3rd idea mentioned by... Gender Bias In Agriculture. 28/3/22
I would really like to applaud Sir Tom and his creative ideas. Thank you very much for... Have you noticed something different about the Student Hub? 29/3/22
Thank you for the survey. To be honest, I found out that I have been lagging in some of these... Take our Student Survey! 29/3/22
My question is: If you were a victim of a massive war and you were given the chance to speak to... Chro Salih from Women for Women answers your questions! 29/3/22
There people who also do what you do but my question here is what has made you stand out, what... Zaimal from The Fawcett Society answers your questions! 29/3/22
A lot of celebrities did, do, and shouldn’t [talk politics]. A lot of Hollywood is living in a... Should celebrities stay out of politics? 31/3/22
"Hard work doesn't break a bone" I chose this phrase because, to be an Oscar winner is not an... Caption this photo... 04/4/22
Honestly, I'm not sure I said this because, At the end of the day, the celebrity will not even... Do celebrities have a responsibility to be role models? 04/4/22
It is acceptable to make animals to do work depending on the type of animal used. For example... It's acceptable if... 14/4/22
Also, not all animals are the same. A dog cannot do the work of a camel. So different animals do... It's acceptable if... 14/4/22
Congratulations to all the winners! Standpoint competition winners announced! 14/4/22