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I believe that gender inequality started of as inferiority complex, in country my women have... How does inequality begin? 28/2/22
I think all girls should hear the words "you are not as inferior as they make you feel, if one... #23 What should they hear? 28/2/22
If there was no gender bias we will finally have what we have been missing for all these years,... What if there was no gender bias? 28/2/22
(fact 4) this is important because politics I believe is basically a representation of the... Activity 2: bias in the media 01/3/22
You have a point, but first of all its not actually plausible for media companies to employ the... Gender Bias in the Media 03/3/22
yes i belive that jobs should not be kept as gender sensitive and should be allowed for all... How the war changed women's life? 04/3/22
I would tell him or her to check the history books and see examples of great men and women like... What if someone is biased? 08/3/22
I belive that if there is a need for international women's day there should be a need for one... Is there a need for International Men's Day? 10/3/22
I think you are right, they are exactly the same, to be honest i didn't really know of the... Pay in sports 10/3/22
yes, men are considered invincible and this is a big problem because, in my country Nigeria some... Men's Mental Health 17/3/22
I have discovered from my research that the pink tax started as a scheme developed by companies... The pink tax and debunking it 22/3/22
Part of the reason that there is bias in the military is that women hardly hold any leadership... Bias in the military 22/3/22
Well Tom, Yes a greater part of the responsibility lies in the hands of the consumers, in... The pink tax and debunking it 23/3/22
When I read through the article I noticed an issue that struck me, the fact that a girl dropped... The pressure to be a perfect teenager 24/3/22
To me, design is a means of expression inspiration when one makes a design he or she was... What does design mean to you? 25/3/22
well, yes Kate my role model is my teacher he inspired my comment The pressure to be a perfect teenager 26/3/22
The word i chose is truth because i believe that ought to be the very essence of the news,in... #27 One word! 28/3/22
I think the solution to this problem lies in the public transport sector, it is not a plausible... How can we fix the problem of bias in transport? 29/3/22
Since the dawn of time women have been relegated to the sidelines since the time we were homo... Gender Bias In Agriculture. 29/3/22
I would summarize Marie Curie's impact in a sentence as "where there is a will there is a way be... A great achievement in science by a woman - Marie Curie 30/3/22
I learned from motivated_camel that there are different types of gender bias during the... What have you learnt from someone else about gender equality? 30/3/22
Well, I think that Minnie's new look is a pacesetter. why do I say so? I say so because I grew... Minnie Mouse's new look for Women's History Month 31/3/22
What mean by modestly is not dressing in away that reveals too much, research shows that 54% of... Minnie Mouse's new look for Women's History Month 01/4/22
It is imperative that we change this archaic mentality that is bringing our society down, when I... Women Are Meant To Live The Same Lives As Men 01/4/22
yes tom, I totally agree Minnie Mouse's new look for Women's History Month 01/4/22