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The most valuable item that would wash up on shore I think would be a gold coin because a gold... Weekly Competition #11 22/11/18
Why a bottle of water ? Weekly Competition #11 22/11/18
Nice thinking amazing Weekly Competition #11 22/11/18
How are those things going to help you on an island(beach) Weekly Competition #11 22/11/18
Banks are amazing, they lend you money(keep safe), now have you learn 't. Weekly Competition #14 13/12/18
Why is banking vital and how is it vital? Weekly Competition #14 13/12/18
Banks are good because you will have a have a place to store your money and if we didn't you... Weekly Competition #14 13/12/18
I think your haiku is amazing and phenomenal great job Weekly Competition #14 13/12/18
My advice to parents is try not to get carried away trying to impress your children. Buy what... Weekly Competition #15 19/12/18
Why would they not have the money Weekly Competition #15 19/12/18
Come!Come!On all the sirens there is someone who has been stabbed.Feelings melancholy depressed Weekly Competition #16 10/1/19
If I was that girl who could not forgive I would have no friends people would try avoid me.I... Weekly Competition #17 11/1/19
Why is she feeling sorry for herself Weekly Competition #17 17/1/19
thats amazing but why is she alone Weekly Competition #17 17/1/19
I think B because once a criminal has done wrong they get caught and punished to change from... Weekly competition #19 26/1/19
I think it is bad because people loose their lives for nothing but that is not always the... Weekly competition #19 31/1/19
I agree with you because they will change but then it is not always the case about that Weekly competition #19 31/1/19
What does the neighborhood do to fight crime - and how can the burnet news club help? Weekly Competition #20 07/2/19
A victimless crime is an illegal act that typically either directly involves only the... Weekly Competition #20 07/2/19
By giving them a better civilization Weekly Competition #20 07/2/19
11-year-old Ruby Kate spends a lot of time at nursing homes in Harrison, Arkansas, where her... Weekly Competition #21 14/2/19
Ellen and Robert Hughes expected the worst when they took their son, Walker, who had been on a... Weekly Competition #21 14/2/19
If I had to choose, I would choose D because the effects that poverty has on crime can be... Weekly Competition #22 21/2/19
What if there is crime there because mostly in very busy places there are all sorts of crime... Weekly Competition #22 21/2/19
Ahh I see were you are coming from but it is not always like that the more you tell people about... Weekly Competition #22 21/2/19
Yes I agree with you it is most of the time gang members because they plan were it will take... Weekly Competition #22 21/2/19
You would be able to travel any where you wanted to but the problem is that in these days we... Weekly Competition #23 25/2/19
Why do you think that? Weekly Competition #23 25/2/19
The three main challenges are the foundational challenge, the challenge of expansion, and the... What are the benefits and challenges of democracy? 25/2/19
What else do you think causes crime What causes crime? 25/2/19
Does Britain have enough negotiators?What will it cost the U.K. to leave the E.U.? What’s the best way to make decisions? 25/2/19
I don't think the parents are the leader of the family it is just the dad that is head of the family What’s the best way to make decisions? 25/2/19
Well done you schools deserved .Yes I also agree Thought Leader announced! 25/2/19
I agree Weekly Competition #23 25/2/19
nothing made me change my mind Who is to blame for the financial crisis? Banks or the Government? 25/2/19
I think the government is to blame because it is just like little toddlers who make the wrong... Who is to blame for the financial crisis? Banks or the Government? 25/2/19
Yes What are the benefits and challenges of democracy? 28/2/19
What will happen if we leave the EU will there be any changes? We need YOUR questions! 28/2/19
Well done guys you are amazing Brexit: A fact file 28/2/19
I think that Britain should leave the EU, but at the same time shouldn't leave the EU. On one... Brexit: A fact file 28/2/19
Yeah I just need it answered We need YOUR questions! 01/3/19
We often see people fighting for their rights. Why do they have to do this even though we are a... We need YOUR questions! 01/3/19
This is another question I thought about people fight for their rights like Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks We need YOUR questions! 01/3/19
I totally agree it must stop We need YOUR questions! 01/3/19
No not really Olivia Who is to blame for the financial crisis? Banks or the Government? 01/3/19
I think it is the governments fault Who is to blame for the financial crisis? Banks or the Government? 01/3/19
I am a big fan of you your amazing open minded really every thing Why I Believe in that we should stay in the EU 01/3/19
In life people get hurt in their heart emotionally me personally if some one calls me mean names... Weekly Competition #24 01/3/19
oh but you deserve it Why I Believe in that we should stay in the EU 03/3/19
I agree with you as well Weekly Competition #24 07/3/19
yeah you need to Weekly Competition #24 07/3/19
I did two quizzes Check it out! End of the Issue Quiz! 07/3/19
When I heard about Brexit, I thought it was just a voting thing and I didn't know it was really... Weekly Competition #24 07/3/19
Brexit is like a debate because in a debate you look at both sides but people don't do it in a... Weekly Competition #25 12/3/19
To be honest I think yeah it did really because fake news is one reason that can cause it Did Fake News cause Brexit? 14/3/19
8/10. Thanks these quizzes are really extremely helpful Brexit Quiz: Give it a go! 14/3/19
I don't think we should leave the EU because probably if we leave the EU everything will change Your choice 14/3/19
That is an amazing poem Brexit Slam Poem 14/3/19
There are quite a lot of countries that don't have a democracy I don't really even know how they... Which countries have a democracy as their rule? 14/3/19
Yes it is it is like it is never going to end but it does make me a bit melancholy. Weekly Competition #25 14/3/19
i agree Weekly Competition #25 14/3/19
Well not really but I am trying to find out what will actually happen if we leave the EU because... Your choice 16/3/19
I think you got that from the quiz but is it fake news or real news because actually the... Your choice 16/3/19
wow this is a nice post balanced_singer Brexit: Will it ever stop being a negative topic? 16/3/19
Olivia in the BNC will our questions be answered if it will when We need YOUR questions! 16/3/19
What will happen if we leave the EU will there be any changes? MP Matt Warman answers YOUR questions! 16/3/19
Brexit votes: What happens next? Weekly Competition #26 21/3/19
Brexit - What could happen next as 29 March approaches? Weekly Competition #26 21/3/19
After Success of First 3D-Printed Home in US, 50 More Homes Are Being Built for Poor Families... Weekly Competition #27 26/3/19
I have put this post up because in the BNC we look at news and sometimes we just assume that it... How to spot fake news? 30/3/19
What happens now that the British people have voted Leave? MP Phil Wilson answers YOUR questions! 30/3/19
Thank you for answering my question Democracy expert answers your questions! 30/3/19
Was the start of Brexit to do with the prime minister? The latest Brexit news! 30/3/19
Do you think that it will be fair to pick a new Prime Minister because if we do will it be a good choice The latest Brexit news! 30/3/19
and you do not even know the people who you are voting for their personalities The latest Brexit news! 30/3/19
Well done balanced_singer . You said we all have freedom of speech right... OK but in the... "Voting is not only our right. It is our power," Loung Ung 30/3/19
placid_orange you did just a bit of this post I would love to hear more Bye bye Theresa May 30/3/19
You said people like the BBC and the independent ,check their articles yeah that is true that is... How to spot fake news? 02/4/19
I've got questions for you. 1.If people have been putting up fake news why have the not been... How to spot fake news? 02/4/19
I totally agree with you and well done super_drawing My Democracy Speech 02/4/19
Yeah because super_drawing also said what she thought and had freedom of speech so yeh hat is... My Democracy Speech 03/4/19
Deliberative democracy or discursive democracy is a form of democracy in which deliberation is... VIDEO: Speech Final Speech 03/4/19
Sorry about what How to spot fake news? 04/4/19
In a direct democracy, individuals make all the decisions themselves. For example, they will... Weekly Competition #28 04/4/19
When I wrote my post I then after went to check google chrome to get more info and it said that... Weekly Competition #28 04/4/19
What you said there when you say that the first ting that comes to my mind is that it is true... How to spot fake news? 05/4/19
Yes, plaid_orange your post is good but tips and ideas I would like give you is that if you... Bye bye Theresa May 05/4/19
Q) Did Fake News cause Brexit? From blessed_computer, Graveney School, I agree with you because... Democracy expert answers your questions! 08/4/19
I have responded to Graham Smith, Q) Did Fake News cause Brexit? From blessed_computer,... Easter Holiday Competition 08/4/19
8/8 Quiz time! What have you learnt? 09/4/19
Thank u you have made me know more about brexit Quiz time! What have you learnt? 09/4/19
Olivia due to the fact of Richmond Hill Academy is on a 2 week holiday we are going back to... Direct democracy solution? 10/4/19
Due to the fact of the things I ave heard about if we leave Brexit then I say WE MUST STAY IN... LEAVE OR STAY 10/4/19
Ok thank you Tiff Direct democracy solution? 10/4/19
Well done extraordinary_avocado Speech responding to the motion: ' All decisions that affect society should be decided by direct... 10/4/19
ok How to spot fake news? 28/4/19
What is on the other side of the wall? I would pick that because if it is something that eye... Weekly Competition #30 28/4/19
So here you are using your imagination so to uplift it so that it is not a bad thing nice idea... Weekly Competition #30 30/4/19
Hi nice to talk to you I am outstanding_wolf, I am from The Richmond Hill Academy School... Welcome to our new schools! 30/4/19
Is it the social media that lie about Donald Trump being mean and racist or is this all true? We need YOUR questions! Check out who is answering! 30/4/19
Donald Trump is a grotesque,ghastly and fake president from the USA and is a disrespectful... WHO is donald trump 30/4/19
How did Donald Trump get elected as president when he is not a good influence or role model to others? We need YOUR questions! Check out who is answering! 30/4/19
I would say divide because they are dividing all nations and people speaking to each other or... Do walls protect or divide people? 30/4/19
This is a really good post well done Dear Donald Trump 01/5/19
How would you feel if your family was divided? I would feel companion less because I would have... Why? 02/5/19
I think you are right.I will give you a short summary of it Martin Luther King Jr. was a Baptist... DO YOU THINK IT IS FAIR! 02/5/19
This is really good I also come from Italy.Ciao il mio nome è eccezionale lupo come te la... Sicily Borders 04/5/19
Oh I really love meatballs Welcome to our new schools! 04/5/19
I was born in London but we moved when I was 5 I still miss my friends and family Welcome to our new schools! 07/5/19
Can you give me an example except from North Korea because that is a familiar one that people... What are the challenges of democracy 07/5/19
Do you think that Donald Trump has made a good decision? Well for this answer you need to look... What do I think about borders? 07/5/19
Latest news about Trump nearly almost forcing Mexicans to pay for the wall Weekly Competition #33 22/5/19
ok that is amazing Bye bye Theresa May 26/5/19
Reasoning In school we do guided reading and the questions you answer you will need to back up... Weekly Competition #34 26/5/19
USE LESS GAS FOSSIL FUELS Weekly Competition #35 01/6/19
I said no because if you miss out on learning that amount of time you miss out in your learning... Weekly Competition #36 07/6/19
Yes an individual person can cause climate change because of the trees ,trees breathe in... Can an individual personal make a difference to climate change? 07/6/19
You are correct What are the challenges of democracy 17/6/19
Thank you Olivia Can an individual personal make a difference to climate change? 17/6/19
This means that the oil in the biggest company in Saudi Arabia will be handed out to the other... Weekly Competition #37 17/6/19
I’ve done the survey and it’s awesome 👏 I love 💗 everything about the Burnet news club it is the... End of year survey 19/6/19
balanced_singer Your post is fabulous it is really good I have seen your previous posts and... The climate emergency by alphabet 19/6/19
This is amazing 👍 well done The Story of A Plastic Bottle (in its point of view) 19/6/19
This is amazing The story of a plastic bottle. 19/6/19
Wow it’s is nice we can put up posters or post different blogs on the internet online.🌦 My story and question 19/6/19
This is 👍 poem about climate change 19/6/19
This is very true how does it effect the world and wildlife 19/6/19
This is so nice Picture = What we do to our Planet 19/6/19
You welcome but it’s the truth it was amazing 😉 The Story of A Plastic Bottle (in its point of view) 14/7/19
My favourite thing in the BNC is that it help you with your skills in class and when I learn... Final competition 2018/19 14/7/19
Infinite space, the heavens and the galaxy.The infinite space because it is outer space the... #8 - Three Words And Why 26/10/19
Yes it can and just by one word or phrase it can change different people's life like my mum got... Why? 30/10/19
When does the closing for the BNC goody bag happen because it said complete the survey to win a... A guide to the Hub - please read if you have just joined us! 30/10/19
My First Words Would Be If I Was Just Climbing Down The Stairs Of Apollo 11. "The Heavens I... #9 - Time-Travel Challenge - Winners Announced! 02/11/19
Libby Jackson: Flight director questions I would like to ask. What is the Columbus Control... Your chance to ask a space expert! 05/11/19
Yes thank you Your chance to ask a space expert! 08/11/19
Libby Jackson:- What does a space craft look like? What do astronauts take with them? What... Your chance to ask a space expert! 09/11/19
Motto:"Together we can achieve great things." Because in this motto it is basically... #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 15/11/19
Wow i'm lost for words that is amazing it's unique and special nice one. #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 19/11/19
My chosen space job is a scientist and to be a scientist there would have to be a lot of... #14 - Space Job Skills - Winners Announced! 08/12/19
Something that WILL happen is more astronauts sent out to different planet,so they can come back... #15 - Will, Might, Won't! 13/12/19
December 25th 2019 Dear diary, today was Christmas day the pain of not being in my silky sheets... #16 - Christmas Competition Special 21/12/19
Hello all great and wonderous citizens I am greatly privileged to be voted as your Prime... #17 - Winners Announced 07/1/20
champion_seahorse tis is lovely you may want to add the fact that koala's and other animals in... #17 - Winners Announced 07/1/20
Responsibility, in my class we have our rights and responsibilities so one of our rights are we... #19 - Concept Comments 18/1/20
Just a little help to people who are doing justice. Justice means,just behaviour or... #19 - Concept Comments 18/1/20
I do not think Greta Thunberg should have been stopping climate change and stopped school I like... Emma Barnett answers YOUR questions! 18/1/20
I think yes because it is spreading rumors like Adolf Hitler did to the Germans If politicians lie should they be fired? 18/1/20
One thing I would change and why: To use their power because they are very lucky they have been... #20 - What One Change....? 26/1/20
Nice post it is amazing Is the Government too much on Brexit? 31/1/20
The NHS uses 21 different electronic systems to record patients' data This is not very good... #26 - Fact Findings - Winners Announced! 06/3/20
You said that people in waiting lists can be seriously injured... But when you go to A&E... #26 - Fact Findings - Winners Announced! 06/3/20
yeah that's true #26 - Fact Findings - Winners Announced! 12/3/20