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I think the most useful thing is a map in a bottle because you would get to know where places... Weekly Competition #11 22/11/18
I think the most valuble thing that could wash upon the shore would a map in a bottle Weekly Competition #11 23/11/18
what do you think sympathetic artist Weekly Competition #11 23/11/18
Oh good thinking amazing wombat Weekly Competition #11 23/11/18
why do you think infinity Weekly Competition #11 23/11/18
I think the most valuable thing that could wash upon the shore would be choclate coins because... Weekly Competition #11 23/11/18
why do you think that a bottle of water is valuable Weekly Competition #11 23/11/18
Who one this weeks number 11 competion the one for what is the valuable thing that could wash... Weekly Competition #12 23/11/18
If you know then please answer thank you. Weekly Competition #12 23/11/18
thank you very much claire . Weekly Competition #12 24/11/18
who are they Claire thank you very much you are amazing . Weekly Competition #12 24/11/18
The bankers keep your money safe you . It helps you get the money that you want so you can buy... Weekly Competition #14 13/12/18
i did a mistake the first line should say the bankers keep your money safe for you Weekly Competition #14 13/12/18
what do you think sympathetic _ music Weekly Competition #14 13/12/18
What do you think sympathetic music? Weekly Competition #14 13/12/18
I think that Theresa may did a good job with brexit but I wish 🌠 that Jeromy Corbin was our... VIDEO: what's happening with Brexit? An Economist journalist answers! 14/12/18
Do you think that it would be fair that somebody had like 100,000 pound and other people in the... 1. Experts Answer YOUR questions! 14/12/18
Who would you choose to trust the bankers bosses, the individual bankers , the government or the... 2. Bank of England reply to the BNC! 14/12/18
Hi 🙋 Olivia from the bnc thank you 😊 for talking to us . I tidy_turtle love ❤ to be in this club... Who is to blame for the financial crisis? Banks or the Government? 14/12/18
If so just comment down below please 1. Experts Answer YOUR questions! 14/12/18
thank you lively parrot why do you think you have the same as me and why did you think that Who is to blame for the financial crisis? Banks or the Government? 19/12/18
i love quizes and getting 8-8 The End of The Issue Quiz! 19/12/18
i love quizzes there are so fun and getting stars Quiz! What have you learnt so far? 17/1/19
I feel alone .I give this reason because everyday people what other people in a nice way but not... Weekly Competition #17 17/1/19
I think that it is the bankers and the govermont fault because they sort out things Who is to blame for the financial crisis? Banks or the Government? 11/2/19
I put this post because school's around the country are learning about crimes and to say who... Life with serious crimes !!!!!!!!!! 11/2/19
well done shrewd_queen we think that your post about sephton is so good Final piece 14/2/19
A PET ELEPHANT SAVES PEOPLES LIVES FROM FIRE...........!!!!!!!!!!!!. Weekly Competition #21 14/2/19
This makes me happy because he was a mile away from the person life and have you thought that an... Weekly Competition #21 14/2/19
If people vote for Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn and some people voted for A (Theresa May), would... What’s the best way to make decisions? 28/2/19
If someone was being mean to you, you move to another place you don't just stand there and beg... Weekly Competition #24 07/3/19
My idea about brexit is that we should leave because there is beginning to be a barney so leave... Weekly Competition #24 07/3/19
really good my friends in bnc were like who is that Knife crime slam poem 07/3/19
My headline is...New study shows Brexit is drenched in fake news!!!!! Its supposed to be... Weekly Competition #26 21/3/19
GOOD POST brexit news 21/3/19
Hi everyone have you heard about the news about brexit news is all fake and not real? The latest Brexit news! 28/3/19
Should we trust what brexit says or should we just listen to it. What i think about Brexit is... The latest Brexit news! 28/3/19
Motto:''Explore the world above us''. Reason: I did this motto because it pushes us to be... #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 15/11/19
What would happen if something extreme happened what would the space experts do or the... Your chance to ask a space expert! 15/11/19
Today's election results have been astonishing people point of views have been all over the... Special post: General Election results! 13/12/19
One thing that could change in politician is animals in danger this is because, our beautiful... #20 - What One Change....? 24/1/20
As a politician what 3 things are most important that you would change to the world . Jeremy Paxman speaks to the BNC! 24/1/20
In this issue the hardest thing to make my mind up on is whether we should have voted for Boris... #23 - I Can't Make My Mind Up - Winners Announced! 14/2/20