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Okay, I will look forward enhancing essential skills of reasoning and expressing opinions 19/4/20
Extreme weather is when the condition of the atmosphere goes to a high degree which can cause... Session 1: Introduction 20/4/20
Step 3: The similarities -It shows a bad weather condition in areas. Difference-Due to... Session 1: Introduction 21/4/20
Step 4: 1.Hurricane-a violent storm with extremely strong winds and heavy rain. 2.Heatwave-a... Session 1: Introduction 21/4/20
Extreme weather refers to condition of weather beyond the normal average whilst extreme... WHAT IS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS AND EXTREME HEALTHCARE EVENTS ? 22/4/20
Hi! I am content_engineer from Ghana,as being a BNC member I will like to tell you what I like... Welcome to Issue 5: the Global Conversation 22/4/20
I think both the sun and the rain is good because,if the sun doesn't shine and the rain fall... Weather - bad or good? 22/4/20
I think cyclone,hurricane and typhoons are similar they all move with high winds ,floods and... The similarities and differences between cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes. 22/4/20
Flood Similarities 1.The main similarity to talk about is that,water is all over the two... Session 1 Extreme Weather The Global Conversation 22/4/20
We must make more efforts to stop oncoming extreme weathers. What's Wrong With the Planet? 23/4/20
I agree with honest sea,because if it doesn't rain we will loose income. The impact of extreme weather and healthcare conditions on the economy of the world 23/4/20
My question for Anita Ganeri is that as how can we reduce extreme weather and climate changes,as... #33 - Ask the author! 24/4/20
My positive impact is that extreme weather makes the government to be alert of oncoming problems... Extreme Weather on Another Level 25/4/20
I also think we should recycle waste because mostly in Ghana we don't have garbage bins to... Extreme weather reactions 26/4/20
I think the two must be checked and solved because as the corona virus can pass through any... Extreme weather vs extreme health care emergency 26/4/20
We can also create bands on water bodies for some time to enable pregnant animals to give birth... What's Wrong With the Planet? 26/4/20
The weather can affect mentality due to loss of property,stress and too much thinking can cause... How Does The Weather Impact Peoples Mental Health? 26/4/20
If we recycle them it can reduce the rate of rubbish by road side,because the rubbish will be re... Extreme weather reactions 26/4/20
This happens when the ozone layer is destroyed due to excessive burning of rubbish.When the... Relationship Between Climate And Disease From A Global Perspective 27/4/20
We can teach people what to do,through: 1.Education -we can educate people on how to prevent... Session 2: Exploring extreme weather 28/4/20
Through this we can also reduce the rate of fake news on social media. Session 2: Exploring extreme weather 28/4/20
They can be posted through emails to the citizens of the country,to prevent the spread of the... How do you keep a newspaper running during COVID-19? 28/4/20
I do not agree,because the ozone layer is destroyed when smoke is exposed to the atmosphere... My views on Extreme Weather 28/4/20
We can protect the ozone layer by stopping excessive burn of rubbish,so I suggest suggest that... Is this the end of the human race? 28/4/20
The ozone layer protect the earth from most extreme weathers mostly drought and heatwave. Is this the end of the human race? 28/4/20
1-The main way to save the planet is to stop indiscriminate burning.It can destroy the ozone... Natural disasters pacify all of humanity!! 01/5/20
Tornado's cause a lot a lot of destruction as it happens. It can spoil farms and can also cause... How does extreme weather affect us? 02/5/20
I think tornadoes are more dangerous due to its fastness and can cause a lot of destruction in... What's more dangerous? Hurricanes or Tornadoes? 02/5/20
Extreme weather events affects us in many ways such as economics and nation's development,profit... How does extreme weather effect us? 02/5/20
Bush fires can be prevented in many ways. Here in Ghana most of the bush fires are are mostly... Australian Bush Fire Season 03/5/20
Step 2: 1.Provide shelter for to people who can't stay. 2.Evacuate people from the... Session 3: Responding to extreme weather 04/5/20
There are many ways which extreme weather affect us,it can affect us... How does extreme weather affect us? 04/5/20
On nation development, money to be used for construction works to promote the nation will be... How does extreme weather affect us? 04/5/20
The ozone layer can be protected by stopping indiscriminate burning of bushes which release the... Australian Bush Fire Season 05/5/20
The most important thing i have learnt on the hub is that i thought my views and opinions are... #34 - Global Connections 06/5/20
I will like to express my opinion with this issue.Within the age of technology,factories are the... What are humans doing to our planet? 07/5/20
Global warming affects also animals in the sea.When the water thirty degrees Celsius,the coral... How does extreme weather affect us? 08/5/20
I think it should be open-mindedness-Listening to other viewpoints.Journalists understand the... #35 - Skills for success 08/5/20
I will build on this points and say that recycling is best but,if we do not have good... Is this the end? 10/5/20
People destroys the earth because of their greed.Example:gold mining.Most people involve... What are humans doing to our planet? 10/5/20
Optional reflection #Preventing pandemic is difficult due to the stubborn of human beings.Lets... Session 4: Making adaptations 11/5/20
Extreme weathers such as flood,drought and others destroys most plants.Lets take drought... How Does The Weather Affect Our Food? 11/5/20
Can human body system function well for a long time of extreme weathers events concerning low... Gillian Burke answers your questions! 13/5/20
From the post we saw that carbon dioxide also increase global warming,when more trees are... Global warming 13/5/20
Can there be any machine to attract carbon to reduce its rate?I am asking this because,carbon is... Your questions answered by an expert: Fran Scott! 13/5/20
Countries can help each other to reduce pressure.Some countries with high qualities can help the... Extreme Weather Events in Less Developed Countries 14/5/20
Extreme weather affects tourism because,extreme weather can affect roads.Tornadoes can also make... The impact of the Corona virus (Covid 19) on the tourism sector. 14/5/20
Mostly economics,the country's can also be identified through good infrastructures and others.I... Extreme Weather Events in Less Developed Countries 16/5/20
Acids destroys living organisms to the worst.When this is mixed with rainfall millions of living factors. How does acid rain affect the environment? and what are its solutions ? 16/5/20
Climate change will be affected positively because now cars do not move.Cars bring out poisonous... Less traffic means better air quality 16/5/20
My headline is A GLITTERING TURTLE. It talks about a woman who saw a glittering turtle,on her... #36 - Head to headlines 17/5/20
Hurricanes as protective_lute said can drive waters to desert areas,but the amount of water the... Nature shows balance in all things even in extreme weather . 17/5/20
When over used vehicles are stopped,fumes from cars can be be reduced.This can also reduce traffics. How does acid rain affect the environment? and what are its solutions ? 17/5/20
We cannot be free from extreme weather but we can protect ourselves and reduce it. Is it possible for us to be free from extreme weather? 17/5/20
Food can be affected by extreme weather on transport,harvesting and others.When it comes... How Does Extreme Weather Affect Food Supply 18/5/20
In our country,extreme weather has effects on health.The main disease associated with the... The effect of extreme weather on health (heatwaves) ?! 19/5/20
We have not gotten a cure yet but i think we will have one someday. The effect of extreme weather on health (heatwaves) ?! 20/5/20
When these things are practiced extreme weather events can be stopped. Global warming and how to reduce it. 21/5/20
In my country we do not experience much extreme weather events but we can involve in early... Questions for you 22/5/20
Your story is very sad but have full of lessons and ideas. A SPEECH TO THE UN75 GLOBAL CONVERSATION. 23/5/20
Prevention is better than reacting after the event because,after the events many things would be... The final piece 24/5/20
Sorry it was a mistake this is the correct one:moreover maybe the money or resource to be used... The final piece 24/5/20
In economics,resource development and others. Extreme Weather Events in Less Developed Countries 24/5/20
What makes a volcano erupt and sometimes destroys the city? What is the impact of a volcano on extreme weather events? 24/5/20
The one thing i will like to see in place is the use of sanitizers with more percent of alcohol... #37 - One change to keep 25/5/20
This will make others turn and consider on neatness because,in your story you got flooded... A SPEECH TO THE UN75 GLOBAL CONVERSATION. 25/5/20
Disasters are unable to stop but can be reduced because,some like natural disasters like... Extreme weather speech 25/5/20
This shows the equality of humanity,the corona virus do not know the rich or poor it affects... When the epidemic hits the most vulnerable ... developing countries are heading towards a... 26/5/20
It has also brought unity among nation because,this epidemic is strong that one nation cannot... When the epidemic hits the most vulnerable ... developing countries are heading towards a... 26/5/20
I understand your point,but when overused vehicles,which release carbon monoxide into the... DAMAGING EFFECTS OF DROUGHTS AND HOW THEY CAN BE CURBED USING TREE PLANTING. 26/5/20
I know that but,there are millions millions of of cars roaming about,and half of these cars are ... DAMAGING EFFECTS OF DROUGHTS AND HOW THEY CAN BE CURBED USING TREE PLANTING. 27/5/20
Recycling will be the best way to reduce excessive waste from the earth surface. ATTITUDINAL CHANGE - A PANACEA FOR FLOODING 27/5/20
Droughts can be prevented by planting more trees to increase the amount of rainfall.Trees... Drought 28/5/20
As a matter of fact try this experiment,weed a part of land,divide it into two and plant grass... Drought 28/5/20
Completing these sessions at home is difficult a little for me because,in school i can get more... Session 6: Presentation time 28/5/20
Art is important because it is used to express ideas.It can be used to explain things that are... #38 - Hundred Word Challenge 29/5/20