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My idea is We can help by exploiting agricultural lands and planting them with useful crops. We... The Monday Challenge! 14/4/22
I agree I have said this because Celebrities who talk about politics may also be attacked.... Should celebrities stay out of politics? 14/4/22
My answer is... I'm not sure I said this because Some celebrities may change when they become... Do celebrities have a responsibility to be role models? 14/4/22
real success This celebrity put a lot of effort and effort into it, she deserves it Caption this photo... 14/4/22
Thank you this helps us Take our Student Survey! 13/4/22
If we want to break the bias, we must start from the family Therefore, conscious generations and... Break The Bais 13/4/22
These proverbs have become old and do not believe in anyone and if they are mentioned as a... Bias and popular proverbs 13/4/22
I chose to talk about the fourth card, as many employees do not like to talk about their... Activity 4: How can we stop bias at work? 13/4/22
The solution is that teachers should sit with their students and get to know their personality,... Have you seen gender bias in education? 13/4/22
One of the most common problems of social networking sites. It is true that it has made the... The pressure to be a perfect teenager 13/4/22
I would like to share something I learnt from jocular_explanation They said With a comment I... What have you learnt from someone else about gender equality? 13/4/22
The most important thing that can be said is good morals and good behavior. I rarely see a... How can we fix the problem of bias in transport? 13/4/22
In fact, this topic has many sides and opinions Freedom of Choice in Her Decisions, Like What,... Minnie Mouse's new look for Women's History Month 13/4/22
In fact, I think there are situations like this that happen all over the world with gender... Play our new gender bias game 12/4/22
Yes, correct There are a lot of creative women in agriculture and they take good care of it,... Gender Bias In Agriculture. 12/4/22
Yes, correct I had previously noticed girls' games, which are {kitchen, baby doll, house} and... Biased Books And Toys 11/4/22
Yes, correct We see many proverbs against women, they take a negative side and this is not true. Bias and popular proverbs 11/4/22
beautiful. Standpoint sheet. 11/4/22
point of view in the right place Well done! Gender Equality For A Better Future! 11/4/22
Nice i agree with you. STOP GENDER ROLES. 11/4/22
I agree with you term {love} When we feel love for others, we don't discriminate against or... Let's exercise unity in gender diversity! 11/4/22
Yes, correct I noticed this in the cartoon, girls dress in pink and boys in blue, I also... Gender and colours 11/4/22
I agree with you. NO MATTER WHO 11/4/22
Yes I agree with you We have to overcome this bias. Each gender has its advantages and... Let's work towards gender equality 11/4/22
This prejudice must be broken and awareness spread about this issue, it is a violation of... Discrimination against hijabi-women 11/4/22
I'm with you when you said "breaking sexism can be addressed through a demonstration on the... Breaking gender bias 11/4/22
In fact, this is what we notice when we go to buy shoes, so whoever has small feet will suffer... Gender Bias In Shoemaking 11/4/22
I liked ! good move thank you Have you noticed something different about the Student Hub? 11/4/22
Breaking the prejudice in education is something we have to address. There are many girls who... GENDER EQUALITY IN EDUCATION. 11/4/22
I will give just one example When they say that a woman can't control her feelings, she can't... Can women lead? 11/4/22
I agree with you, for some countries girls do not have the right to the land and after countries... Women Deserve Land Too! 31/3/22
We cannot determine whether it is ignorance or indifference. When we look and examine, we see in... Is it ignorance or apathy? 31/3/22
In many magazines we see what is biased against men and some against women In fact, we cannot... Outcome of magazines that promote bias. 31/3/22
“Many women have come out as aspirants for different positions. They are facing a lot of... Let's Appoint Leaders On Merit Not Gender. 31/3/22
When a woman is prejudiced against another woman, the nature of the society in which you live is... Women being biased against women 31/3/22
As I said earlier, in countries that are not supportive of women's rights because he is a... The Friday vote: quotas at work! 14/3/22
True, in my opinion, women's physique and physical strength are generally weaker than men's, but... The Friday vote: quotas at work! 14/3/22
I think that it is not designed for men only, women are able to drive it, but we see that its... Video discussion: is design biased? 09/3/22
There are people who think that children are very annoying and know nothing but play and rely on... What assumptions do we make? 09/3/22
It is a good idea. There should be equality between men and women in terms of the number of... The Friday vote: quotas at work! 09/3/22
I didn't mean it literally, but these things are always easier for a man than a woman. The Friday vote: quotas at work! 09/3/22
I don't know. I think that working in the Police is a really difficult thing. The exercises they... The Friday vote: quotas at work! 09/3/22
I have always assumed that autism in a sign of weakness and that people with this disease are... What assumptions do we make? 09/3/22
I think things are basically designed for men, the biggest example of that seat belts! This is... Video discussion: is design biased? 09/3/22
In countries that don't respect women's rights, for a women, it's difficult to get a job.... The Friday vote: quotas at work! 08/3/22
Not always, sometimes there are more women in the fild of work than men, for example: in the... The Friday vote: quotas at work! 08/3/22
Equality between men and women must be for men and women by 50 percent in all respects, such as... The Friday vote: quotas at work! 08/3/22
I always thought that silent and calm people do not have a personality and cannot defend... What assumptions do we make? 08/3/22
I believe that the most important things designed in the world are more suitable for men than... Video discussion: is design biased? 08/3/22
Equality between men and women is important in all walks of life, and it's the right thing In... The Friday vote: quotas at work! 08/3/22
I live in Palestine. The thing I want to change is the traffic Putting traffic lights and... What ONE change? 01/3/22
You choose How will transportation be different in 100 years? How could this change cities?... Travel to the future 01/3/22
The place where I live has recently had strong winds and torrential rain. The wind uprooted some... Local news 01/3/22
I chose the village The countryside is a very beautiful place, blessed with calm and comfort,... The Friday vote! 01/3/22
the Union is strength. I am always convinced that teamwork is the best job. Teamwork instills in... Is it better to stick together? 28/2/22
What is happening now is a military operation, not an all-out war to achieve gains. In the case... What should Russia do next? 28/2/22
A leader is faithfully leading his country and his people. Sometimes, we can tell you that a... What's most important in a world leader? 28/2/22
I will talk about shopping. I think shopping is different nowdays, today we can buy anything... Travel to the future 28/2/22
I Of cours choose the countryside, for my part, I prefer the countryside over the city, I myself... The Friday vote! 28/2/22
When Russia seized Crimea, NATO countreis didn't like it, but they did nothing, and Crimea is... What should Russia do next? 28/2/22
I think that when a world leader be honest; he will not lie, steal or cheat in any way. He will... What's most important in a world leader? 28/2/22
In my opinion Russia must stop and end this conflict. Most people don't know why this war... What should Russia do next? 28/2/22
I choose the country side for money reasons , first of all I was growing ap and raising in a... The Friday vote! 28/2/22