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No, actually billionaires are not responsible for helping the poor or solving the problem of... Do billionaires have a responsibility to help solve world hunger? 10/4/22
As ordinary people, we can help through the easiest, simplest and most popular way, which is to... The Monday Challenge! 11/4/22
In my opinion, it is not acceptable to use an animal for experimental or scientific purposes,... It's acceptable if... 13/4/22
Yes and we should . First, let's skip that it causes harm to an animal, which is a soul, and... Will we ever stop using animals for work? 14/4/22
I really agree in each sentence you said, I am lebanease too, and realistically now we live with... Why has buying food become more difficult for refugees in Lebanon? 22/4/22
Children's journalism is a means of educating for children, as it has an exceptional ability to... You're in the hotseat... 25/4/22
I choose business number 3. From my point of view, this business should continue to operate in... What should these businesses do? 27/4/22
My answer is yes, rich countries are responsible for it, if the wealthy countries dont do that... Are richer countries responsible for refugees? 30/4/22
In my point of view, the right to work and access to the labor market for refugees is essential... Should Refugees Be Encouraged To Start Entrepreneurship Businesses In Host Countries? 06/5/22
I choose the the third one to talk about " WE ARE ALL HUMANS" and the first 2 questions.... Activity 4: How could these Headlines influence opinion? 06/5/22
My answer is "no"  categorically, the media users don't have the right to take full freedom of... Should social media users have total free speech? 06/5/22
If I become a head of a european government I would make the lives of refugees easier by opening... How do you think governments could help refugees settle in better? 12/5/22
Due to cramped and hard conditions, refugee camps are particularly prone to the spread of... The role of technology in helping refugees 13/5/22
I can see a link between this post and another post from a student in topical talk which is "... What are the main reasons that Refugees left there country? 17/5/22
There is a link between this post and another post from topical talk which is " Refugee's rights... Refugees and the right to property 17/5/22
I can see a link between this post and another post from same student, which is " who helps... How can refugees can help other refugees? 17/5/22
There is link between this post and another post from topical talk which is " what is the role... How do refugees Learn? 20/5/22
This post is linked to another post from topical talk wich is " are richer countries responsible... Refugee human rights, how can they be improved? 22/5/22
Hello rational_grape, good answer and neatly explained.But don't you think that despite the many... Activity 1: Audio vs visual journalism 02/6/22