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Astonishing!! and I really love it!! Take our new knowledge quiz! 01/4/22
My answer is certainly yes. Billionaires can reduce the problem of starvation, with their money... Do billionaires have a responsibility to help solve world hunger? 07/4/22
Food is not separable from climate change: modern agriculture and the global appetite for animal... What would be your first focus? 07/4/22
It is the duty of every rich person to help every poor person, in order to achieve justice, and... Do billionaires have a responsibility to help solve world hunger? 08/4/22
My first focus is on tackling the climate change crisis. Climate change leads to very harmful... What would be your first focus? 08/4/22
My answer is 3D food printing I said this because it saves Time . In addition to the savings... Which of these technologies will make the biggest difference? 08/4/22
Ordinary people can help with the problem of hunger. Where they can make Fundraising Challenge... The Monday Challenge! 11/4/22
I think It is acceptable to use animals for work It's acceptable if they help to reduce the... It's acceptable if... 13/4/22
Animals help in many things, such as police dogs help in the investigation, they play a big role... It's acceptable if... 13/4/22
My odd one out is The tiger I have chosen this one because it is a predator, and although the... What's the odd one out? 14/4/22
My answer is No I said this because Robots are expensive, and in areas that depend on... Will we ever stop using animals for work? 15/4/22
The job my robot would do is Investigation I have chosen a robot to do this job because it can... Invent a robot to do an animal's job! 19/4/22
Thank you, I searched a lot and visited many sites to search for information, and I do not... Will we wake up from our slumber? 21/4/22
The first person I would have in my news channel team is Jane Pringle,she is a passionate and... Who would be in your news team? 21/4/22
I want to answer the third question. "Si vis pacem, para bellum" is a Latin saying that... How can we help Syrian refugees? 21/4/22
My answer is Governments I said this because Because their priority is the interest of the... The Friday vote! 22/4/22
If I was in charge of a children's newspaper for the day, I would publish stories that develop... You're in the hotseat... 25/4/22
Because technology plays an important role, if it stops working, it will affect the Russian... What should these businesses do? 27/4/22
I'm going to write about if a business temporarily pauses trading in Russia. The... What responsibilities to do businesses have to their workers in Russia? 28/4/22
I have chosen to write as Someone in Russia who enjoys going to the cinema My thoughts about... News flash! Disney and others halt their film releases 01/5/22
my answer is No, it indirectly leads to annoying and offensive language discussions and... Should social media users have total free speech? 05/5/22
My answer is Yes I said this because he has said in more than one statement that he will... The Friday Vote! 08/5/22
I think the cartoon says, as in the law, human rights - Article 10 Everyone has the right to... Name this cartoon! 10/5/22
My answer is Yes I said this because Humans change ecosystems. As long as humans are on earth,... The Friday vote! 13/5/22