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Media has became an inherent part in our lives. Everyday, we're indeed to surf TV channels... Gender Bias in the Media 07/3/22
If there were no gender bias in media, then journalists will have their 100% freeness discussing... Gender Bias in the Media 07/3/22
Totally agree with you. Plus, it's worth to mention that women are the real architects of... Gender Bias in the Media 07/3/22
The word i would choose is probably patience. We often fail because of our impatience, without... #27 One word! 26/3/22
I was devastatingly surprised by that there is 104 countries stop women from doing some jobs,... Play our new gender bias game 26/3/22
1. Comfortable 2. I believe that this might influence conversations of gender bias in a way... Minnie Mouse's new look for Women's History Month 26/3/22
Oh wow, i noticed it since a while, and i'm glad to know what is it, and how it benefit us. It's... Have you noticed something different about the Student Hub? 30/3/22
The story I have chosen is "Musculinities, Partriarchy and Climate Change". This inspired me... Have you heard of #HeforShe? 30/3/22
I have chosen picture D, since it sums my conversations about gender bias. As shown, the man's... #28 Pick a pic! 30/3/22
I believe that the first and second solutions are the most effecient. When women are given the... Gender Bias In Agriculture. 31/3/22
Thank you for letting me know more great leading women.😍 Can women lead? 04/4/22
I believe that awareness must spread every where contributing to this catastrophic issue. This... Discrimination against hijabi-women 05/4/22
I mentioned this in my post, like many think that women are fools controlled by their feelings,... Can women lead? 05/4/22
Sure and added to that, an educated man is just an educated man, but an educated woman is an... Can women lead? 05/4/22
totally agree👏👏 you've mentioned a crucial point Discrimination against hijabi-women 05/4/22
Thank you for this clarification dear👏❤ Discrimination against hijabi-women 05/4/22
👌👌👌 Discrimination against hijabi-women 05/4/22
Oh wow😍 you described and summed up everything, thank you❤ Discrimination against hijabi-women 05/4/22
If I was in charge of my country's government and I wanted to tackle world hunger, my first... What would be your first focus? 07/4/22
I believe that the headline should that "Conflicts Causes Problems for Children". I've said this... #29 Wet headline 07/4/22
My idea is creating applications that can be easily and freely downloaded on phones such as... The Monday Challenge! 11/4/22
In my opinion, i believe that billionares are not reponsible for poor people, since billionares... Do billionaires have a responsibility to help solve world hunger? 11/4/22
For me, vertical farming would be the best choice since farms will be closer to people, saving... Which of these technologies will make the biggest difference? 11/4/22
Thank you, it can be called "PDC: Play, donate, compete" The Monday Challenge! 12/4/22
You're privileged to be in such country❤👏 Discrimination against hijabi-women 13/4/22
I'm with the topic in a way and against in another way. For me it's acceptable to use... It's acceptable if... 13/4/22
Why there are some countries that don't accept refugees? What are the reasons? Even though they... Peter Gatrell answers your questions about the history of refugees 14/4/22
I've learned that Ukranian refugees are migrating to poland, and that poland belongs to the... Activity 1: What is a refugee? 14/4/22
Title: Give me your hand I've chosen this title because it's a say of help, kindness, unity... Give this photo a title! 14/4/22
My answer is No, I said this because throughout centuries people used to test on animals to do... Will we ever stop using animals for work? 16/4/22
Totally agree with you champion_elephant's, and if that happened then only millionares and... Will we ever stop using animals for work? 16/4/22
I choose the tiger to be the odd, since it's the only one performing for entertainment while the... What's the odd one out? 16/4/22
I disagree with what you've said amiable_imagination's because those cattles are used to help... What's the odd one out? 19/4/22
I believe that the best way to enhance refugees' psychological and emotional state is by... Do refugees only need settlement and financial aid? 20/4/22
Of course cows aren't the only solution for ploughing the soil, and now in our modern technology... What's the odd one out? 21/4/22
You have a point amazing_reflection, but i disagree with how you flipped school education into... Some Of The Challenges Refugees Face And How We Can Help Them. 21/4/22
i disagree with you fulfilled_peach because noticing unpopular websites doesn't mean they would... What's the best advice? 21/4/22
the best piece of advice is going to more than 1 resource and not relying on just one. Because,... What's the best advice? 22/4/22
due to the last events, the contact between the press and refugees wasn't fair. In sometimes,... The role of the press and refugees 22/4/22
For me, for sure environmental refugees must get the same equal rights as the other refugees,... Should environmental refugees be recognised by international law? 22/4/22
1. I believe that America as a great rich country should do more to help Ukranian refugees such... Activity 2: Responses to the current refugee crisis 24/4/22
Currently in Lebanon not only refugees who are suffering and starving but poor Lebanese citizens... Why has buying food become more difficult for refugees in Lebanon? 25/4/22
So how are you going to detect fake news? What measures will you be taken? What's the best advice? 25/4/22
Like if we can also prepare festivals with refugees would sound great, they will much more... World Refugee Day 25/4/22
I think that section B2 is important because it tells everything of how refugees are being... #31 Zoom in! 26/4/22
I totally agree with you easygoing_flower's. But one who might disagrees would say who will... The impact of refuge on children and youth. 26/4/22
I would respond by that humanity should let us donate some of our time and energy for helping... The impact of refuge on children and youth. 26/4/22
Another advantage of making refugees feel at home is motivating them and boosting their... How We Can Help Refugees Feel At Home In A New Community? 26/4/22
You have a point constructive_moth, thank you. But, someone who disagrees might say that instead... How We Can Help Refugees Feel At Home In A New Community? 27/4/22
One who might disagrees with you aware_painting would say that who is the site to provide... How We Can Help Refugees Feel At Home In A New Community? 27/4/22
The quiz told me that I might be good at presenting on TV. I like the idea of this because I... #32 Media jobs! 27/4/22
For me, i believe that wealthy people are NOT responsible for donating some of their money,... Are the World's Richest People Responsible for Refugees? 27/4/22
Another benefit of refugees is stimulating the international trade and investement. Since, they... Are there benefits of hosting refugees? 28/4/22
I choose business 3 and I strongly recommend that it should continue to operate in Russia.... What should these businesses do? 28/4/22
I agree with you open_construction, you've a point but I want to stretch you more by that Russia... What should these businesses do? 28/4/22
The nearest example for me is my aunt, because of the terrible economical catastrophe Lebanon is... The difference between a refugee and an immigrant 28/4/22
I strongly agree with what you've said persistent_construction. But, in contrast, do you think... Will we wake up from our slumber? 28/4/22
One who might disagrees with me would say that Richer countries are Not responsible for hosting... Are richer countries responsible for refugees? 29/4/22
Since by mother we mean love, kindness, care, protection, teacher and shelter. So, the origin we... Are richer countries responsible for refugees? 29/4/22
I'm going to write about if a business stops trading in Russia. The responsibilities this... What responsibilities to do businesses have to their workers in Russia? 29/4/22
Because lots of Businesses such as restaurants, and factories providing food which put them into... What should these businesses do? 04/5/22
Thank you willing_imagination for your outstanding clarification. Are richer countries responsible for refugees? 04/5/22
My question is that do you think that Climate refugees should have the same rights as the conflict ones? Climate Refugees 04/5/22
1. I believe that first we should let refugees in our country for the sake of the UNHCR... What makes a person a Refugee? 04/5/22
I believe that those peoe aren't receiving enough support for the say that they are grown ups... Refugees under the age of majority 04/5/22
I believe that yes there should be consequences for newspapers who don't publish about the... Activity 3: What are the responsibilities of the media? 05/5/22
For sure refugees as any other citizens must be encouraged and motivated to implement... Should Refugees Be Encouraged To Start Entrepreneurship Businesses In Host Countries? 06/5/22
1. The thing that really surprised me is that 144$ million to help Ukrainian refugees along with... Take our quiz about helping refugees 06/5/22
This cartoon means that you've the right to free speech by yourself, you can judge by yourself,... Name this cartoon! 10/5/22
Could please clarify your question more? We couldn't catch it What would you like to ask another student? 10/5/22
Yes for sure there are areas in which technology is used to help refugees. First, the "Iam a... The role of technology in helping refugees 11/5/22
Dejan Lovren, a bosnianian fled with his family in 1992 after war where they settled in Germany... Famous Refugees 11/5/22
I've found a connection between 'seed drones', 'Frozen DNA' and 'Listening Devices'. This... Create a connection! 13/5/22
Here's your answer: My answer is Yes I said this because all living things rely on each other.... The Friday vote! 13/5/22
Child labor among Syrian Refugees is a wide spread catastrophe that need to stop. For instance,... Child Labor Among Syrian Refugees 15/5/22
Your question can be linked to another question was asked by a topical talker @appreciative_pear... The role of youth in helping refugees 16/5/22
I totally agree with you amazing_reflection, on that there are more significant reasons leading... What are the main reasons that Refugees left there country? 16/5/22
This question can be linked to another question i answered on topical talk, which is "Are richer... How do you think governments could help refugees settle in better? 16/5/22
I can find a link between this question and another one i answered about how can host countries... Refugees are a profitable business 17/5/22
It's my comment!!! The Friday vote! 17/5/22
I don't think that the biodiversity crisis will cause human to leave th planet. I found a link... The Friday vote! 17/5/22
This question is linked to a question i answered on topical talk in a previous headline " Are... Are the World's Richest People Responsible for Refugees? 18/5/22
I agree with you digital_wildcat, that if someone of your ancestors is bad doesn't mean you're... When should you be judged for your ancestors’ actions? 18/5/22
One way can Ukraine deal with rejected refugees is by having for them underground shelters in... Plan B For Rejected Refugees in... 18/5/22
I believe that no one should ever be judged because of his/her ancestor's actions. Everyone has... When should you be judged for your ancestors’ actions? 19/5/22
I can't adopt the opinion, but in some nations where they do work with revenge, considering "Eye... When should you be judged for your ancestors’ actions? 19/5/22