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Hi my name is coherent_fruit - My school is located in the northern part of Sweden - We share... Welcome to our new schools! 24/4/19
I couldn't agree more Trump Border - Why does he want to build a wall? 24/4/19
Y = Yeees! because everybody said yes to the wall Trump and his wall by alphabet 24/4/19
I don't like that Donald Trump builds a wall but i only meant to help you Trump and his wall by alphabet 24/4/19
Trump playing with lego's trying to figure out how he is gonna build it and how Weekly Competition #29 24/4/19
Everybody likes Ikea's meatballs trust me Welcome to our new schools! 24/4/19
If we removed all borders maybe everybody would be free to do what they want but it would also... What would happen if we removed all walls and borders? 24/4/19
Walls protect and divide but the world should be free so there wouldn't be any walls plus if you... Do walls protect or divide people? 24/4/19
I agree i mean people die while Donald Trump is building his wall beacause hospitals cost to much What other things could the money for Trump's wall go to 24/4/19
Everyone should get at least one chance we are all people who deserve to live life Should we give everyone a chance? 24/4/19
Seems weird if wants to build a wall to stop immigrants from entering but he "loves them on the inside" Trump and his wall by alphabet 26/4/19
What do you think of Donald trump building a wall? We need YOUR questions! Check out who is answering! 26/4/19
Before i saw this i didn't want Donald trump building the wall and i still don't but i can see... He did the wrong and the right thing 29/4/19
Å is for År which in english is years how many years will it take to build Ä is for Ärlig... Trump and his wall by alphabet 29/4/19
This was a good one thanks powerful_robin Its good that you had a word description that helps a lot Border or Border-less? (What are, both, the positives and negatives of the border?) 29/4/19
Thanks :) Trump and his wall by alphabet 02/5/19
I think mental barriers are worse beacause they vän really damage you. Som murder other people... Is It All In My Head? 03/5/19
That is true i have to agree with you Sicily Borders 05/5/19
I think he gas the rights bit i think many don't want the Wall anymore but i wouldn't know Physical barriers, and invisible barriers... 05/5/19
You are right he should think it over more Trump: build or destroy? 08/5/19
Yeah, he thinks he is helping the people, well he is closing off the drugs but many will... Immigration, problem or resource? 08/5/19
I am totally with you that it is a horrible thing to do and not right in the least LET'S EXPLORE ANCIENT VALUES! 10/5/19
Trump's wall i probably going to be more free for the Americans i think because it's USA... Immigration, problem or resource? 10/5/19
How do you feel about Donald Trump building the wall? Author Tim Marshall answers YOUR questions! 15/5/19
I think it is much better to start a new life instead of clinging onto you're old life where you... Would you move? 21/5/19
Trump saving USA or dooming it? Weekly Competition #33 22/5/19
I also belive in free movement and that you should be able to choose independently People should be able to move wherever they want. 26/5/19
I believe you're right, the Wall should not be built beacause it seperates us everyone should be free is it right to build a wall? 26/5/19
Wow that's cool i hope one day i can have an open mind like you, i'll try to develop it during... What I've learned about open-mindedness 29/5/19
Yeah it's pretty weird if you think that we are all from the same Man and woman from thousands... Tradition always rhymes with contamination! 29/5/19