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They can help you save money. What Do Banks Do? 07/11/18
It's good because you and others buisneses get more money from the bank so they can pay for more... End of video 1 - The Banking System 16/11/18
I think I would give it to NHS because it helps people mabye with cancer and old people that... what would you do with £100,ooo,ooo 16/11/18
I don't think it's winning the trophies it about having fun .thank you for listening to my reply!!!! Football vs Politics 16/11/18
I think safer lending because if someone goes into a bank and said can I lend 100pounds the bank... Reasons and Ideas for Banks 07/12/18
I think carrying a nife is bad and if people see you then they'll think that your about to kill... Video & Discussion: Violent crime. Behind the headlines 25/1/19