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they keep our money What Do Banks Do? 07/11/18
Everyone is spending their money mobiles mostly The Financial Crisis 07/11/18
True The Financial Crisis 07/11/18
Some people waste money on beers and alcohols and they should be hired for work for money.I will... who should get the money? 07/11/18
It's a waste of money who should get the money? 07/11/18
Good the banking system works again End of video 1 - The Banking System 16/11/18
I blame the government and bankers' bosses:they have our money they give half back, government;... who is to blame 16/11/18
Yeah why are violent crimes increasing. Must be more people learning to become criminals. It's... Why are violent crimes are incresing? 16/1/19
2.10.2019 Dear diary Yet again, it's a protest. This month has been as horrible as usual. I am... #4 Diary Entry - Winners Announced! 02/10/19