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In Myanmar ,there is a crisis and I feel Emotional because they have to be forced to leave there... Weekly Competition #3 21/9/18
I agree.Everyone should be treated the same no matter who you are TREAT PEOPLE LIKE YOU WANT TO BE TREATED 28/9/18
I agree difficulties in Bangladesh 28/9/18
I agree. What can we do to change lives ? 28/9/18
I think we can help support the Muslim people,and tell Aung san Suu kyi that she should do... What can we do to change lives ? 02/10/18
I agree. Just because there country is poor and unsafe, they should never live in these kind of... SHOULD PEOPLE HAVE TO LIVE IN THESE TYPES OF WAYS? 02/10/18
I agree. Myanmar 02/10/18
As I was walking through the golden sand,I looked on the sand and saw sea shells.Washing up on... Weekly Competition #11 16/11/18