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Every single family has the right to be heard and have there own home. What can we do to change lives ? 21/9/18
Every single family has the right to be heard and have there own home. What can we do to change lives ? 21/9/18
We disagree because that person could easley fall over and damage the child or make them... Who would you give up your seat to 28/9/18
Even though I dont know who she is exactly I believe that she is right to bring peace, harmony ... who would you like to hear from? 02/10/18
i completly agree with you Weekly Competition #4 02/10/18
I think that it depends in what situation we have in front of us. What’s the best way to make decisions? 01/3/19
When I was little I really hated raisins and now I love them! My family at different times asked... Weekly Competition #24 01/3/19
I think MPs are the best people to talk to if you have a say about democracy BREAKING BREXIT NEWS! 15/3/19
I found something positive and it's that there are still people that back are points up and... Weekly Competition #27 22/3/19
We should stand up for our points! Weekly Competition #27 22/3/19
Over the wall is an enchanting forest( maybe a jungle) were you can have a one way adventure... Weekly Competition #30 26/4/19
Visible and invisible barriers are different things. I understand Donald Trumps point of view,... Physical barriers, and invisible barriers... 03/5/19
With the Fall of the Western Roman Empire, Anglo-Saxons (c. 5th century AD) and Vikings (8th... Weekly Competition #31 03/5/19
Hi I'm not new to BNC but i would like to find someone from Poland because I am from... Welcome to our new schools! 03/5/19
hi! Welcome to our new schools! 10/5/19
From my point of view, my teacher is the best teacher I ever met. His name is Mr Graham and I... BNC Awards - Exciting news! 21/5/19
I think both. I think children should be able to protest about the climate change and really... Weekly Competition #36 07/6/19
From my point of view, it depends who that person is. If that person is a president or a well... Can an individual personal make a difference to climate change? 10/6/19
To climate change scientist: What could we do as normal people in a situation like climate... Expert alert: ask your questions here! 10/6/19