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Some people are very unfortunate of how they are born and we should do something. I agree! Everyone isn't cared for. 02/10/18
People build walls and other objects like fences to keep a mindset that you have your own... Weekly Competition #30 26/4/19
i think this a very strong opinion good job👏👍 stopping people from fighting 03/5/19
I nominate my Teacher Mr Graham as the best teacher he, is a young, positive teacher who brings... BNC Awards - Exciting news! 21/5/19
in my opinion i think protesting is right because on climate change it depends on the whole... Weekly Competition #36 07/6/19
i think a majority of the people should be held equally because we emit carbon dioxide and air... Should everyone be held equally responsible? 10/6/19
why aren't goverments holding debates or listening to public why have they not said anything about it Expert alert: ask your questions here! 10/6/19