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Yes because you can discuss it with people. Weekly Competition #2 14/9/18
I agree about that because all should be treated fairly. everyone should be treated fairly. 14/9/18
I think that words and action are the same because if I want to say people should have rights ... Weekly Competition #6 19/10/18
I think it good to do a democracy because then everyone can have right's to speak. What are the benefits and challenges of democracy? 01/3/19
BECAUSE WE ARE SEE HOW MUCH WE LOVE SPEAK OUT TO SAY ABOUT DEMOCRACY. What are the benefits and challenges of democracy? 01/3/19
Like the Brexit it can give a lot democracy and a lot arguments but we dont know Weekly Competition #27 22/3/19
WE are to happy thank you I love it I think it will be a great idea and it will be wonder full . Welcome to our new schools! 26/4/19
I think that trump shouldn't build a wall because what happens if no one can see there family... Trump's wall 03/5/19
People can do it because if you stop a little of power like turn of the light , sometimes you... Can an individual personal make a difference to climate change? 10/6/19
BECAUSE the M.P are doing really bad and are not doing nothing about it and also we need to do... Why is it taking so long? 10/6/19
Yeah and what we should do. Should everyone be held equally responsible? 10/6/19