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In my opinion I don't think you should use social media here's why.It may not always be true,it... Weekly Competition #2 20/9/18
In my opinion I think that social media isn't a good idea but here is come reasons it may... Weekly Competition #2 20/9/18
Why do you think this? What evidence can you give? Weekly Competition #2 20/9/18
I fee irritated as this has happened for many years now and to the kind, passionate people that... Weekly Competition #3 22/9/18
I think yes as if you say something, doesn't mean you're going to do it. One example that... Weekly Competition #6 12/10/18
I don't agree with you as I believe that every perspective is unique as people may be looking at... PROACTIVE PICCOLO'S FINAL PIECE 19/10/18
BNC the place to be, Sharing news we want to see, Commenting on other peoples posts, In the... Weekly Competition #7 19/10/18
BNC is brilliant, BNC is a place for people to be nice, BNC is the place to C (C put there on purpose) Weekly Competition #7 20/10/18
I agree with you, keep up the gud work 😀 My Final Piece On Myanmar 20/10/18
*good My Final Piece On Myanmar 22/10/18
I think Stephen William Hawking (1942 - 2018) . I think this because he has discovered many... Weekly Competition #8 01/11/18
Find more on Weekly Competition #8 01/11/18
I think we could trade using food & drink. I think this because, you cant live without food nor... Weekly Competition #9 07/11/18
If I could choose a business to invest 100,000 pounds on I would invest it on a new healthy... Weekly Competition #10 09/11/18
Olivia This Post Was Also Done By Crafty_Context Thank you Where Has All The Money Gone? 12/11/18
In my opinion I think that it is the governments fault. I think this because they didn't set any... The Financial Crisis - Who is to blame? 14/11/18
I think that it is. I think this because you can learn about profit, investing, ways of the bank... Could the financial crisis happen again? 14/11/18
Dear Olivia. My friend crafty_context did this work with me will she get a star as well as my... Where Has All The Money Gone? 15/11/18
Thank you so much I will tell her/him Where Has All The Money Gone? 15/11/18
I think rocks would be a good thing. I think this because if you have rocks you could spell out... Weekly Competition #11 16/11/18
Money matters however it cant effect relationships if it is true Weekly Competition #13 30/11/18