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In my opinion i think that she should speak up before it is too late and that she is scared that... Wake up, Aung San Suu Kyi! 11/10/18
They make you pay extra money so they can make interest, so that's how they make more money. 1. Experts Answer YOUR questions! 29/11/18
We have money because if we did not have money then stealing wouldn't really be stealing because... 2. Bank of England reply to the BNC! 29/11/18
The financial crisis happened because Bankers were lending out to much money so they ended up... Why Did the Financial Crisis Occur - Again? 04/12/18
I don't agree with you because Men and Women can have good pay it just depends where they work... Are women's wages fare? 04/12/18
I got this information from my assembly by CAFOD Banks should change their rules 15/12/18