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I travelled to Spain to meet my friend. He lived in Madrid. Four hours later, I arrived at her... Weekly Competition #5 10/10/18
I strongly agree that the military are too reckless; they are setting fire to their homes and... Are The Military Too Reckless? 10/10/18
I don't think they will; there isn't enough food or drink, they are living in pack refugee camps... IS THIS SAFE ? 10/10/18
I'm not sure because why would you do something for something that isn't true? Weekly Competition #6 17/10/18
I think William Patterson should be on the £50 note; he was one of the founders of the bank of... Weekly Competition #8 30/10/18
true Did the Summer heatwave affect prices for food? 10/11/18
I am sceptic about line C Money only gives you wealth. THINK..... Does wealth give you... Weekly Competition #12 27/11/18