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I liked this very much . And I think your opinion makes a great point as money cannot buy love... Is Happiness Money? 31/10/18
well done!! miraculous_jackfruit Bank crisis 31/10/18
great piece of writing Are all perspectives equally important? 31/10/18
I like how you have been telling us about the different skills you have used Everyone's Perspectives 31/10/18
I think princess Diana as she been a great person . she often spent time visiting the homeless... Weekly Competition #8 31/10/18
I agree totally to your suggestion Weekly Competition #8 31/10/18
I agree if people spent a lot of time working to get that money while others are here being lazy... Can money help you in every situation? 31/10/18
well done for one being honest and telling us where you got the information and two it was a... Should everyone have a say on money? 31/10/18
Money can buy you a car foe transport and put in your mouth and water in you mouth for you to... can you do every thing with money? 31/10/18
ok I will do that next time What is a financial crisis ? 01/11/18
Money can not make you happy and give you power but it can give you very useful things in life... Is money actually a good thing? 01/11/18
I think you can keep pocket money as long as you now how to look after the money and know that... should we stop pocket money? 01/11/18
great piece of writing I would give £600 to charity , about £300 to my parents and siblings ... What Would You Do With £100 Billion? 01/11/18
I agree with every single phrase wonderful piece of writing. What impact does the Bank of England crash in 2008? 01/11/18
I loved this unique piece of writing , what i really like is that you have told us your opinion ... Do we spend to much money on small things? 01/11/18
I will remember to do that next time. What causes a financial crisis ? 03/11/18
I think I do deserve pocket money as I do a lot around the house but my mum does more so I... How Much Pocket Money Should Our Parents Give Us? 03/11/18
I would choose Molly as if even if she has not experienced a charity and you do not give her... putting yourself in the position of a banker 03/11/18