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that is a great point incredible snow, I agree that space travel is affecting climate change ,... Climate calamity 11/11/19
the question is what is a new source to explore? Question to answer 11/11/19
even if you are unsure, you should always try because if you really want something with all your... If you know you’re unlikely to succeed, should you still try? 11/11/19
I think that we should risk money because sending robots to space and having the mission fail... Money or Lives? 11/11/19
please comment on my post and say what you think spectacular space 12/11/19
aww, thanks I like yours too and I love your post great stuff excited passion fruit! Money or Lives? 12/11/19
I got 9 out of twelve, pretty suprising considering i've never really liked planets and all... Learn new stuff with our Solar System quiz! 12/11/19
thank you for your comment and great ideas, i will definately take that into account next time I post! spectacular space 14/11/19
okay then sorry Question to answer 14/11/19
ok, I'll take that into account, sorry my view on space exploration 14/11/19
ok then, sorry I'll take that into account my view on space exploration 14/11/19
great work and good poem A poem about space 14/11/19
well done incredible_snow this is an amazing piece and I really enjoyed reading it. great work! a poem on things that space holds 14/11/19
thank you for your kind comment and I appreciate it a lot spectacular space 14/11/19
thank you for your helpful comment spectacular space 14/11/19
great post ( really funny) well-done love it! are aliens real? 14/11/19
thank you so much for your comment:) spectacular space 15/11/19
okay sorry, I'll try harder next time :) spectacular space 15/11/19
thank you a lot! spectacular space 15/11/19
thank you so much:)! spectacular space 15/11/19
thank you!!! what will happen in the future of space, and is it worth it? 26/11/19