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I think it is a mixture of sometimes not knowing it is happening and not wanting to know that it... Is it ignorance or apathy? 16/3/22
I think that cause 10 would be the hardest to stop, changing people's mindset. You can make... What causes gender inequality? 30/3/22
I feel very strongly about card 4, especially about not knowing what colleges are paid. If we... Activity 4: How can we stop bias at work? 30/3/22
I think that there are some common phrase that influences children, 'you run like a girl' or... The family the first agent of gender bias 30/3/22
I think it is unfair to say or portray that all woman/girls are perfect but it is also unfair to... If you were a movie producer... 30/3/22
I think that the Polish are amazing, it isn't directly their responsibility to help or take in... Activity 1: What is a refugee? 04/5/22
I chose question 3, I think that everyone who can help in any country is in some way... Activity 2: Responses to the current refugee crisis 04/5/22
I think that refugees with disabilities are often overlooked, I think this is because a refugee... Refugees with special needs and disabilities 04/5/22
I don't think newspapers should be punished for not publishing about refugees or forced to... Activity 3: What are the responsibilities of the media? 25/5/22
I personally always got extremely disappointed when I imagined a character/place in a book a... Do you agree with this statement? 17/6/22
I think in some situations where there is a mythical creature/land/place that is extremely... Do you agree with this statement? 08/7/22
I think that in a podcast the producer should almost always share there own opinion, it is... Always, sometimes, never? 08/7/22
Great work, everyone who won a prize/award really deserves it, keep up the amazing work! The Topical Talk Awards 2022! 08/7/22
I picked question 2, I feel that reliable news is extremely important because if the... NEW Topical Talk toy - try linking your thinking! 08/7/22