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I feel that this cartoon is trying to state the fact that humans are entitled to have their... Name this cartoon! 10/5/22
I like this comment, just shows how much women are going through these days. #33 Mystery statistic 09/5/22
It is NOT acceptable to make animals work, the labor the animals partake in is way more... It's acceptable if... 13/4/22
Technically, if you ask me the main purpose of bees is to maintain balance in the eco-system,... It's acceptable if... 13/4/22
My answer is... 3D food printing I said this because it is a cheaper and more effective way to... Which of these technologies will make the biggest difference? 08/4/22
I agree selfish interests of some people reduced the effect of palliatives. What would be your first focus? 07/4/22
If I was in charge of my country's government and I wanted to tackle world hunger, my first... What would be your first focus? 07/4/22
I think the headline should say war causes problems for food. This is a very crucial headline... #29 Wet headline 07/4/22
I have chosen to speak about picture B, in this picture we have two gears, the male gear, and... #28 Pick a pic! 04/4/22
The word I have chosen is diverse, the news comes in different forms/ways and can be told based... #27 One word! 29/3/22
Stephanie L. Kwolek invent Kevlar. Kevlar is a heat resistant fibre used in making bullet proof... #25 Best inventions! 10/3/22
In Nigeria, there is a certain level of gender equality in our nation that makes me proud as we... #24 Success stories! 08/3/22
Yes, the major one is the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN) basically a NGO funded... What ONE change? 01/3/22
Definitely, In Nigeria, the sun is practically our best friend. Solar energy is also a very good... What ONE change? 01/3/22
I live in Nigeria and the one thing I would change is the lack of working oil refineries. This... What ONE change? 27/2/22
I think all girls should hear the words: Women create, women are strong, independent and... #23 What should they hear? 26/2/22
I think that a leader needs honesty and care for the people. If the leader cares for the people,... What's most important in a world leader? 25/2/22
To all those girls out there, it's not you're nationality or gender that matters, it's what's... #23 What should they hear? 25/2/22
I have chosen to answer Question 3 A very simple and efficient thing that can be introduced... A video challenge! 25/2/22
I would simply tell them not to change a thing about themselves. They should all be F-... #23 What should they hear? 24/2/22
How will shopping be different in the next 100 years? How might this change cities? I think... Travel to the future 24/2/22
I think housing will be different in 100 years because right now the best houses are the... Travel to the future 24/2/22
Hello girls, I want to tell you that you are powerful, amazing and beautiful. Whatever you do,... #23 What should they hear? 24/2/22
Firstly, how did you manage to reach out to people? Also, is there a time where you felt like... Special opportunity - ask a question to Malala! 24/2/22
The fictional character I have chosen is Sara from a book called 'A Little Princess' by Frances... #22 Escape the pages! 22/2/22
Gluskabe is a good giant from the book "Gluskabe and The Snow Bird". If he could escape from his... #22 Escape the pages! 21/2/22
I would just like to say that I am a huge fan of your work, ma'am. Now for my questions. 1.... Special opportunity - ask a question to Malala! 18/2/22
The fictional character I have chosen is Ugwu from the book "Half of A Yellow Sun". I believe... #22 Escape the pages! 18/2/22
1a. One thing that Russia SHOULD do next is negotiate peace with Ukraine. b. This is because... What should Russia do next? 18/2/22
One thing that Russia SHOULD do next is Back down after reading more about the situation at hand... What should Russia do next? 18/2/22
I would respond to Person A because I totally disagree with them: Firstly, even though the news... #19 Respond! 02/2/22
"I chose number 3 because these laws should and shouldn't change. One part of me is arguing... Should American gun laws stay the same? 06/12/21
I personally feel that it is important for me to talk about the news because as a citizen of my... #13 You and the news 30/11/21
If I was a leader if my country, The first thing I will do is to tackle tackle the problem of... #12 Important promises 23/11/21
As the "leader" of Nigeria, I promise to provide and sustain, good roads and infrastructure... #12 Important promises 18/11/21
Before I begin, I would like to state that the person doesn't necessarily have to be peaceful to... Should you go to war even if you are considered as a peaceful person? 16/11/21
I would be more interested in headline A mainly because The NASA Space trip to the moon has been... #11 Tell me more! 17/11/21
I think it's important for people to learn about the culture, beauty, and history of Afghanistan... The unseen Afghanistan 16/11/21
First of all, As the "leader" of Nigeria, I have decided to keep the aid in Sudan and even add... You're a world leader... 14/11/21
When I read about this story I was shocked, not because of the coup but the reasons were given... Take our Coup in Sudan quiz 14/11/21
I would like to find out more about headline C because 1 million species is a huge amount and... #11 Tell me more! 11/11/21
I somewhat agree with you, but to be honest there are people in life that just do not want to... Is it ever OK to start a war? 10/11/21
Well, the main person in power, like a president or mayor, but the opinion of the general... Is it ever OK to start a war? 09/11/21
I would choose picture A because the news shows light on any situation happening in the world.... #10 Pick a picture 08/11/21
In my opinion, I feel like in some cases, it is okay and necessary to start a war if needed. Let... Is it ever OK to start a war? 08/11/21
I choose number 5 My country (Nigeria) and the world itself has so much work to do when it... Should some foods be banned? 08/11/21
I think that the leftovers for lunch option are the most convenient option because it gives the... Would, wouldn't, why? 08/11/21
An idea to reduce the greenhouse gases produced from food is to generally eat less meat, to be... What's your idea? 07/11/21
I chose number 5 because in my country red meat is very popular because it can be found all... Should some foods be banned? 07/11/21
I feel that picture B best represents the news because the news comes in various ways, forms,... #10 Pick a picture 04/11/21
I think America should go back and help because the main purpose for invading Afghanistan was to... Is it always the right decision to start a war? 04/11/21
I chose the lion. My question is what could be done to support rewilding in your... Questions for each character 03/11/21
I choose number 5 I live in Abuja, Nigeria, and there there is a lot of rewilding from where I... Rewilding where you live 03/11/21
Well, I have a few suggestions. 1. According to in 2019 the U.S government... The Unheard Voices of Refugees 02/11/21
The Film that I know is "Thank You for The Rain" by Julia Dahr, Starred by Kilisu Musya as... #9 Think of a link 03/11/21
Let's look at this from a mathematical point of view, according to the current exchange rate, 1... The Unheard Voices of Refugees 02/11/21
I have chosen number 5, I live in Abuja, Nigeria. Now, to be honest I feel like there is too... Rewilding where you live 01/11/21
the book I know is called "the trouble with Nigeria" and is by Chinua Achebe it is about the... #9 Think of a link 02/11/21
In this activity, I was a herbivore The question for me is " how could people raise... Questions for each character 02/11/21
For the question that asked would you rather help your country pay for better healthcare or help... Would you rather...? 01/11/21
The book I read is called "The Naughtiest Girl" by Enid Blyton. The Book is about a School... #9 Think of a link 31/10/21
Action #1 Benefit: The social media platform will adjust and learn new ways of securing and... What are the different ways to debunk conspiracy theories? 01/11/21
I am so sorry for the previous comment! Here is the real one. The film I know is called "The... #9 Think of a link 28/10/21
Report Respect to facts Endless possibility of data Processed data Organized... #8 The News 26/10/21
The News T - talking about what is important from yesterday, today and tomorrow H - hope for a... #8 The News 26/10/21
I chose 'THE NEWS' T- The first to break the news, good or bad H- Hoping that the world would... #8 The News 26/10/21
i chose the news T- they tell us what is going on all around the world H- human beings can... #8 The News 26/10/21
JOURNALIST Judgment is always made when boundaries are crossed in getting... #8 The News 25/10/21
I chose Dmitry to interview. Why do you think you won the prize? 1."I'm am very honoured to... Answer as the award winners! 25/10/21
I think that freedom of the press and power are connected in a very unique way. We are living... Keyword connections 25/10/21
The brave journalist I have chosen to write about is Bob Woodward,( born March 26, 1943) is an... Learn more about brave journalists 22/10/21
Reports R- Really, make sure that your reports are true, E- Even when threatened, always... #8 The News 22/10/21
A journalist who promotes climate change and climate-related activities is known as an... The journalist who will report the events of the November conference! 20/10/21
I agree with you, he such an active man and anyone will be luck to be working with him. #7 Share the expertise 20/10/21
The most important thing I learnt from Mr. Al Gore is that if we are committed, we can help this... Meet former American vice-president Al Gore 20/10/21
I listened to Mr. Al Gore The most important thing I got from his beautifully said message is... #7 Share the expertise 20/10/21
Well, A few days ago I was really anxious about a huge debate. We were facing a really good... Optimism or Pessimism. What attitude should we look at the current situation of the world? 19/10/21
I listened to Al Gore and he used his political power and Economic power to create awareness... #7 Share the expertise 20/10/21
"In which of the powers is he obliged to divulge the news and in which it is not permissible?"... Squirrel statements: who do you agree with? 20/10/21
Which would be most important for a journalist investigating the Pandora papers? I think... Speedy skills review! 19/10/21
They can include: 1. Verified facts about the particular topic 2. Theories 3. Quotes related... A journalist's toolkit 18/10/21
I have listened to Dhruti Chakravarthi and her general message is very heart moving but I have... Meet Dhruti, a Climate Reality Leader who represented India! 18/10/21
1. The most interesting thing I learnt from Al Gore's answers is the fact that there is a... Meet former American vice-president Al Gore 19/10/21
1. I listened to all four COP26 experts – Al Gore, Hernan Payaguaje, Shaama Sandooyea and Dhruti... #7 Share the expertise 19/10/21
Wow, I never actually looked at it from that angle, but it is very true. Everyone makes mistakes... Squirrel statements: who do you agree with? 19/10/21
After watching Hernan answers, I learnt that through honesty and transparency, we need to have a... Meet Hernán, founding member of the Ceibo Alliance 19/10/21
I have learnt that we must or should I say, I must be intentional about changing the way I... Meet the world's first underwater climate strike activist! 19/10/21
Well, in my opinion, I think that we should look at matters in the world from an optimistic... Optimism or Pessimism. What attitude should we look at the current situation of the world? 19/10/21
I take your reasons into consideration but there are people who have been affected by whatever... Squirrel statements: who do you agree with? 18/10/21
To be honest it depends on the journalists themselves, because generally like you said,... Squirrel statements: who do you agree with? 18/10/21
"it's unfair for journalists to publish information that people want to keep a secret". Yes, it... Squirrel statements: who do you agree with? 18/10/21
1. The cartoon told me more about the news of the "Pandora Papers" Because when I saw the... A journalist's toolkit 16/10/21
I listened to Hernán Payaguaje. The most important thing they said was that we should never be... #7 Share the expertise 15/10/21
I learnt how we can try and inspire children to make a difference dew to climate change . My... Meet the world's first underwater climate strike activist! 16/10/21
I would like to be an Enviromental Engineer. i want to be one because the enviroment needs... #6 Dream jobs 15/10/21