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There's always a rainbow in the sky Weekly Competition #1 09/9/18
Earnest grapefruit I disagree because the old lady isn't that strong and could easily let go .... Who gets your seat? 10/9/18
I can understand what you mean as there are things that some people can't see . Who has to stand up? 10/9/18
I disagree because a pregnant lady can easily hold on to a bar. Who got your seat? 10/9/18
Not everything has to be dark and grey. Weekly Competition #1 10/9/18
I personally think everyone should get a seat! Even though some people are more deserving than... Who would you give up your seat to 11/9/18
You don't have to reply in such a rude way. Weekly Competition #1 11/9/18
I agree because even though the pregnant woman is carrying a baby your putting someones life at... Who would you give up your seat to 12/9/18
I can understand that that the pregnant lady could get knocked over but as adventurous piano... Who would get the seat? 12/9/18
Exactly!!Violence is never the answer and neither is burning down their home ! Rohingas are... everyone should be treated fairly. 15/9/18
Thank you so much this saved me a lot of drama. Reasons your post hasn't been published! 16/10/18
Money is very important in most situations for example getting food or a house but can't give... can you do every thing with money? 31/10/18
I agree with proactive_raspberry and we should stop pocket money. Your parents give you a house,... should we stop pocket money? 01/11/18
I think that Mary Seacole should be on the back of the new £50 note. This is because from when... Weekly Competition #8 02/11/18
I had just woken up from a deep sleep and as I opened my eyes I realized I wasn't on the cruise... Weekly Competition #11 21/11/18
I agree with some of these points but the banks aren't the only people who should be blame... WHY BANKS SHOULD BE BLAMED FOR THE FINANCIAL CRISIS !?!?! 21/11/18
I think it is because women are seen as lower in status compare to men. Also in the olden days... Are women's wages fare? 30/11/18
In my school we're not doing enough. In the lunch hall if the run out of plates the switch to... Are Schools Doing Enough? 19/6/19