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There is always hope, no matter how deep the sadness Weekly Competition #1 11/9/18
No, because anyone can upload anything onto social media/youtube. If you just believe anything... Weekly Competition #2 14/9/18
ok! i will do that in the future! Who would you give your seat to? 19/9/18
This is so interesting! I My experience of Bangladesh 03/10/18
This is so interesting! I didn't know they had floods and every year as well! I am going to try... My experience of Bangladesh 03/10/18
I think the odd picture out is C as the first one looks like they are warring and the second... Weekly Competition #4 03/10/18
Curiosity can be your downfall. It can lead you into the frozen-over lake, over the thin ice.... Weekly Competition #5 10/10/18
I would spend my £100,000 on a business that would help all charities. It would have a website... Weekly Competition #10 10/11/18
I think I would want a raft handbook and some wood. I would use some of my clothes as a sail and... Weekly Competition #11 16/11/18
I think that, on the other side of the wall, could be an animal reserve because of the foliage.... Weekly Competition #30 01/5/19
Preserve our Earth; Reserve our future. Weekly Competition #35 05/6/19
I think it is their fault, because, in my opinion, they don't really need so many goods. There... Is It China's Fault That It Is Producing Millions Of Tonnes Of Carbon Emissions 10/7/19