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If we didn't have money left on the planet ,I would think the government would start printing... Weekly Competition #9 08/11/18
But wouldn't that mean a lot of people in the world would learn how to make watch and parents... Weekly Competition #9 08/11/18
If I had £100 billion I would probably surprise people who have done random acts of kindness... What Would You Do With £100 Billion? 08/11/18
I think that pocket money may be good for children and teens to get experience, but my opinion... Why do kids/people want pocket money? 08/11/18
(A) I nave heard that a free £1,000 is going to all people under 18 , and I don't think this is... Weekly Competition #12 23/11/18
Example: If it was (insert date) I think that a financial crisis would happen again because... The financial crisis discussed differently 24/11/18
Question: Should we be educating kids or adults? Adults might see the importance of knowing... Weekly Competition #20 07/2/19
In my opinion I think people commit crime out of anger or dissatisfaction as some people scarily... Weekly Competition #20 07/2/19
This story starts when I didn't like avocados, they were utterly disgusting to me. This story... Weekly Competition #24 04/3/19
Love the glossary, nice touch! Brexit: A fact file 05/3/19
I think that our BNC teacher should be nominated for an award because she is very enthusiastic,... BNC Awards - Exciting news! 21/5/19