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I woke up and looked around and found out that was surrounded by unknown items. I saw many... Weekly Competition #11 19/11/18
wow i think i could have done better but maybe next time . Weekly Competition #11 19/11/18
I am sceptical about option A because if everyone in the UK who is under 18 get free 1000 pound... Weekly Competition #12 23/11/18
Money matters because if we don't have any money we will not be able to pay back to the bank if... Weekly Competition #13 06/12/18
The bank lost money So the country was so poor This is crisis Weekly Competition #14 13/12/18
I got open mindness I totally agree with this because I agree that I am never sticking on the... Take the skills-based personality quiz! 25/12/18
I think that in the up coming year Brexit will be hitting the headlines because ...... Brexit... Christmas Holiday Competition! 27/12/18
i saw you perform and i think that as a final piece this is really good and also the role... The Financial Crisis: My Ideas. 31/12/18
I like your thinking impartial_panda_bear's as the new year having problems with screen... Christmas Holiday Competition! 31/12/18
I think they focus on violent crime because that is what will make people buy their newspapers... Why do the front covers of news papers focus on violent crime (most of the time)? 14/2/19
"Viral Photo Shows Two Kids Stopped in the Road to Pay Respects to Fire Department Flag Being... Weekly Competition #21 14/2/19
I like your idea of your poem as it inspires me to never choose a wrong path in life such as... Haiku Slam - Knife Crime 14/2/19
I chose B because if we have more youth clubs and stuff young people will be interested in their... Weekly Competition #22 17/2/19
I truly agree with your idea as because younger ones do get influenced and or inspired by their... How I feel about crimes 25/2/19
3.What might be the consequences of delaying Brexit? I think that if we do delay Brexit we... BREAKING BREXIT NEWS! 14/3/19
I truly think that my BNC teacher should win an award because she is always trying her best to... BNC Awards - Exciting news! 15/5/19
I believe that we can link the issue on Trump's wall and the issue of Brexit together. This is... Weekly Competition #39 29/6/19