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That’s true #3: Odd-One-Out - Winners Announced! 24/9/19
Wonderful you have done very good research and written it out very well. Should the Uk be involved 24/9/19
Thanks for helping me understand more about global warming and how the world is being affected by it. Climate Change - Everything you need to know 24/9/19
I believe that the Picture B is the odd one out because there is no security guards in the other... #3: Odd-One-Out - Winners Announced! 24/9/19
Last but not least, the Picture B has things that are related to the Honk Kong protests that is... #3: Odd-One-Out - Winners Announced! 24/9/19
Is there a chance Hong Kong can gain their independence from China Your chance to ask the experts! 24/9/19
I also am believing that people supporting Picture B are correct #3: Odd-One-Out - Winners Announced! 25/9/19
I am sceptical about all quotes. I strongly disagree that big protests are the best way to bring... #5 Questionable Quotes - Winners Announced! 10/10/19
This is a wonderful Final Piece lovely _hippopotamus. I believe that you have explained... Should Britain get involved in the Hong Kong crisis? 11/10/19
I think I should have used harmful. Thank you for spotting out my mistake. Are the protests going to affect the student's education? 11/10/19
Well Done! What's going to happen to Hong Kong after 2047? 11/10/19
Ok Tom, please find attached the link of the website I have used... Small gathering causes big chaos in Sheffield 11/10/19
Do you think we can do anything to stop China? Director of Amnesty International Hong Kong answers YOUR questions! 11/10/19
I also agree with you productive_eel. HONG KONG Needs Help 11/10/19
Thank you Tom Are the protests going to affect the student's education? 11/10/19
Wonderful original_orchard you are showing your talent just like you do in our school Hong Kong 12/10/19
I have finished the survey. It was quick and simple ; one hundred percent safe as long as you do... Autumn Term Survey! 13/10/19
I strongly agree because nobody should have to come to a country where they can't share their... What does the right to freedom mean in Hong Kong? 16/10/19
My Dad and Mum have really influenced me and they have helped me throughout my life. We want peace! 17/10/19
The other thing that has drastically influenced me as a person is the Burnet News Club. Before I... We want peace! 17/10/19
I carried on below: As soon as I got my first star, I felt a boost of encouragement that I... We want peace! 17/10/19
"This is the beginning of a new generation. A generation which has a lot to offer. I may be the... #9 - Time-Travel Challenge - Winners Announced! 07/11/19
My motto for NASA would be: Space. The World’s new era. Reason: I have chosen this motto because... #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 16/11/19
In the Burnet News Club Session in our school two weeks ago, we had Olivia visit our school and... Should Space Tourism be banned? 16/11/19
After thinking it out, I think that it shouldn't be banned but there should be age restrictions... Should Space Tourism be banned? 17/11/19
I knew this all because I have done research before I joined the Burnet News Club The Big Four: Who’s the Greatest? 17/11/19
Ok The Big Four: Who’s the Greatest? 19/11/19
I got 15/15 Quiz time: How to use the Hub! 19/11/19
Thank you genius_flute, I take that in mind when I do my next post. Will the night sky eventually end up completely black because the universe is expanding? 20/11/19
In my opinion, I would like Labour to win the election and for Jeremy Corbyn to become Prime... Special post: General Election results! 02/12/19
After reading all six of the six points thoroughly, I have decided that I am mostly in favour of... #13- Breaking News Reaction - Winners Announced! 04/12/19
My chosen Space job is a Spacesuit Designer. I have a passion for drawing and I have a great... #14 - Space Job Skills - Winners Announced! 09/12/19
In addition to this, the skill that is most relevant to this is Reasoning you need to be able... #14 - Space Job Skills - Winners Announced! 09/12/19
Sorry for the interruption but this is not 100 words it is 207. Also BNC does it have to be 100 words #17 - Winners Announced 04/1/20
“Here I stand not as a leader but a servant to all who live in our wonderful community. I am not... #17 - Winners Announced 04/1/20
Great post versatile_molecule. Donald Trump is a Prime Minister that has many different views... The reasons why you shouldn't like Donald Trump. 08/1/20
I think that children over 14 should be allowed to vote. There should be more people allowed to... Do you think children should be allowed to vote? 11/1/20
sorry the last sentence was a typo Do you think children should be allowed to vote? 11/1/20
Famous people are known worldwide and if they make the wrong remark things may terribly go... Do famous people have more of a responsibility to behave well? 11/1/20
In my opinion, leadership is not a role but a responsibility to keep people everyone satisfied.... Is leadership always shown in the same way? 11/1/20
These are my questions. 1. When you ask someone a question but they drift off into another... #18 - Question the Questioner - Winners Announced! 11/1/20
Social Media has many different things on it which yes, can definitely influence a person's... Can social media influence your political views? 20/1/20
To the BNC, some of my posts are not going through. I read the Hub Help but my posts are... Can social media influence your political views? 20/1/20
Sorry but they were made up names. Can social media influence your political views? 20/1/20
Also yesterday, I had 15 stars and now I have 11. I was nearly at the leader board and the next... Can social media influence your political views? 20/1/20
I chose power because I believe it is not a role but a responsibility to keep everyone who works... #19 - Concept Comments 23/1/20
If I was Prime Minister, the thing I would change is equipment and punishments of physical... #20 - What One Change....? 30/1/20
I think politicians deserve more respect because they are working for us. Some things in our... #21 - Poll - Do politicians deserve more respect? 06/2/20
My art piece is the 5th one which is about how social media affects the world of Politics. The... The Sherwood's depiction of Politicians and Power - Enjoy! 10/2/20
In this issue of the Burnet News Club (Politics), we have discussed a lot in the Hub but... #23 - I Can't Make My Mind Up - Winners Announced! 15/2/20
I think that Donald Trump’s wall is unnecessary and it is not going to bring any good to the... Trump's Wall! 17/2/20
What does this mean? Trump's Wall! 17/2/20
On my NHS (National Health Service) poster I would write Thank You and also talk about how they... #24 - Notes to the NHS 23/2/20
I do not agree with the government’s decision to add sugar tax in April 2018 and I think it is... Is it fair for the government to make unhealthy food and drinks more expensive? 23/2/20
Do you think we can trust the NHS with the UK/US Trade Talks occurring and the NHS being... Our NHS experts are ready for your questions! 24/2/20
(Edited) On my NHS (National Health Service) poster I would write Thank You and also talk about... #24 - Notes to the NHS 24/2/20
I do not think that every person needs to pay the same amount of money as everybody else. People... Should some people put more money into the NHS than others? 24/2/20
In my opinion, I do not think that we need more hospitals because it will cost a lot of money to... Do we need more hospitals??? 26/2/20
I will make sure that I do so next time. Thank You, cheerful_photograph #24 - Notes to the NHS 27/2/20
I have chosen "NHS BATTLE PLAN TO SAVE MILLIONS OF LIVES" - Daily Express because if the NHS is... #25 - Behind the Headlines - Winners Announced! 05/3/20
The most important National Health Service fact I have learnt from the Burnet News Club is that... #26 - Fact Findings - Winners Announced! 12/3/20
My idea for improvement for the National Health Service would be for a major extension to all... #27 - Ideas for Improvement 14/3/20
You have copied and pasted memorable_orchard's comment, protective_orange. Please can you check... Would you support a 'mansion tax' to help fund the NHS? 15/3/20
After reading this short passage above I was shocked that the 'Mansion Tax' had not already been... Would you support a 'mansion tax' to help fund the NHS? 15/3/20 Mikel Arteta: Arsenal manager says he has... #28 - Good News Stories - Winners Announced! 27/3/20
(Edited) Mikel Arteta: Arsenal manager says he... #28 - Good News Stories - Winners Announced! 27/3/20
How are we meant to post videos while their is a school closure? Missed the health care Issue Final Piece? 30/3/20
" I stand here proudly having the opportunity to express my views over such a phenomenal... #29 - Write an inspiring speech - Winners Announced! 02/4/20
( Edited ) In my opinion, I believe that Picture C is the odd one out. The reason behind this is... #30 - News Odd One Out - Winners Announced! 07/4/20
I got scepticism and I think it is pretty accurate. Personality quiz! Which skill are you? 07/4/20
The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 was the most destructive river flood in the history of the... What made the news on this day in history? 15/4/20
My title is "Weather and the World" The world is surrounded by many different weather types and... #32 - Give it a title! 22/4/20
The Indian Ocean one Account of 2004 Tsunami 27/4/20
I would assume that you have to travel a lot to get enough information to write a book... #33 - Ask the author! 30/4/20
Have you been missing the riveting history and artefacts you visited at the museum? No need to... #40 - An Advert for Art 17/6/20
Thank You Burnet News Club for inviting me to your Awards Ceremony 2020. #40 - An Advert for Art 17/6/20
I want £10000 to go to my school #40 - An Advert for Art 18/6/20
OMG!!!!!!! I got 30/30 The Big BNC End of Year Quiz! 19/6/20