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the proteters should wear a mask because they can protect themselves from having tear gases on thier face Face mask is ban in Hong Kong 10/10/19
DID APOLLO 11 DIE IN SPACE? Your chance to ask a space expert! 07/11/19
The dog who was in space died in space ? Your chance to ask a space expert! 07/11/19
I think space tourism is not good because if you went to space with a space ship it might crash... Should Space Tourism be banned? 09/11/19
Is good to send humans to space because they can find about more stuffs and if you send a robot... Humans vs robots: which should we use for space exploration? 09/11/19
To me I think that people might be interested because they could life on Mars and they found... Why are we so interested in Mars?? 09/11/19
Well , I don’t think virgin will not invest because scientist are still researching about space... Should virgin invest in holidays in space . 09/11/19
We should spend our money because we want to know more about space Should we spend more money on the exploration of space? 09/11/19
I think we should not have duty going to space because children haven’t finished education in... Do we have a duty to explore space? 09/11/19
Who died in space ? Your chance to ask a space expert! 09/11/19
Thanks Tom for this good note I hope every agrees it How to win STARS on the Hub! 09/11/19
Well Ithink making more discovery in space would be better because we can find facts about space... It more important to make discoveries on Earth or in space? 09/11/19
What is space ? Question to answer 10/11/19
In my opinion I think we should not go to space because If we went and we went a spaceship and... Why do we go to space in the first place? 10/11/19
Thanks brave_lynx Question to answer 11/11/19
I think Pluto should be a planet and what’s the point of hveing Pluto in space carrying on it’s... Should Pluto be a Planet? 13/11/19
I believe that aliens are not real because they are no one who spot an alien are aliens real? 13/11/19
Simply every one know what is a Fox even a toddler thankful_banana are aliens real? 17/11/19
They are not real because they are not video of aliens in space and how do you think is real are aliens real? 19/11/19
I think posting a comment called be good because you get some stars A guide to the Hub - please read if you have just joined us! 20/11/19
I think that the their should be a age limit because they can be dangerous and if you go their... Should there be an age limit on who can go up to space? 20/11/19
What did you eat in space ? Astronaut Chris Hadfield answers YOUR questions! 20/11/19
well i think that it will take about 10 years because the sciencetist has not reasearched that... How long will we be wanting to go to space? 21/11/19
NASA national assosiation space addition #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 21/11/19
Animal should not be in space because last time the nasa sent a dog to space back but when they... Should animals be allowed in space? 26/11/19
I think the moon landing is real because the third man came from the space ship and they had... Was the moon landing real? 26/11/19
these question are educational and they real facts and I thought there was no third astronaut... Learn new stuff with our Solar System quiz! 28/11/19
what is like in space and how is it made ? #12 - Message in a Rocket - Winners Announced! 28/11/19
I think that Trump was wrong because he had send a bomb to Iraq and he said that he might send a... Was what Trump did wrong? 16/1/20
I would change knife crimes and kidnapping children and getting there kindey because, knife... #20 - What One Change....? 24/1/20
The questions you can see on the quiz you can find it on google by copying and pasting . Take our New Year quiz! 24/1/20
Personally , I think that all famous people should behave well because the are famous and... Do famous people have more of a responsibility to behave well? 24/1/20
I think the elderly's should have free health care because they are getting old Do we Deserve Free Healthcare from the NHS? 13/3/20
corona How will the coronavirus impact the NHS? 13/3/20
I would give more money to the A&E because so they can save live and fix their bones #27 - Ideas for Improvement 13/3/20