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I think UK should help Hong Kong. It is a wonderful post. Hong Kong 03/10/19
It really affect the right of citizens,china should stop this from happening.Many protesters... Why the violence? 03/10/19
It is effecting Hong Kong,so give them their right!Very good poem Hong Kong poem 03/10/19
Such an wonderful poem. Hong Kong should be free 03/10/19
Thank you for commenting. Face mask is ban in Hong Kong 04/10/19
China should give them their right.On the last line,there where some mistake but well done What would having their basic rights back mean to the people of Hong Kong (edited) 04/10/19
Very true its so fabulous Hong Kong in Crisis: Both Perspectives Rap 05/10/19
Thank you very much for commenting.You guys have some nice point. Face mask is ban in Hong Kong 09/10/19
It is a nice post and it is really reasonable. Hong Kong - a border line symbol 09/10/19
THANK YOU Olivia.Some of my family went to Hong Kong.Thank you for your comment and star. Hong Kong 10/10/19
Hi cheerful_photograph,this is very true of you.This is a very Wonderful poem. We want peace! 17/10/19
Thank you for your glorious comment.You are true about China should be fair and give Hong Kong... Hong Kong should be free! Let Hong Kong be! 17/10/19
This is a very true and kind letter.This work is as fabulous as always. A letter to my Local MP 18/10/19
Hong Kong definitely needs us. A letter to my Local MP 18/10/19
You're true about the Brexit might help Hong Kong in the future Hong kong can only be helped now! 18/10/19
Hi content_lemon,your post is very creative. This post uses the Specticism,Reasoning,and... Space By Alphabet 02/11/19
Can you explain why the Black Hole is dangerous?You have to include the Reasoning of the post... What is a black hole ? 07/11/19
My motto for NASA is "One little step,BIG success" Reason:If you try hard, you will succeed in... #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 21/11/19
It might stop expanding Cheerful_photograph.I disagree because world might be big but there... Will the night sky eventually end up completely black because the universe is expanding? 28/11/19
Amazing effort guys.Keep it up! The Sherwood School debate 3 06/12/19