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I've chosen question 1 I think unconscious bias is not natural because, we learn them from our... A video challenge! 23/2/22
I think all girls should hear the words:FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT AND NEVER GIVE UP IN DOING SO. If... #23 What should they hear? 24/2/22
I would love to live where the boy lives because in the future I would love to become the... Activity 1: boys or girls 25/2/22
I am proud of my country because we have excellent women in position of power, we have Dr. Amina... #24 Success stories! 04/3/22
I have chosen person E 1. If the doctor for does not allow her to have the operation because he... Activity 3: Pick a person 09/3/22
I found out that the Exterior fire escape was invented by Anna Connelly. This invention is... #25 Best inventions! 12/3/22
I am going to talk about gender inequality. 9.Racism:in Amazon, some black employees have been... What causes gender inequality? 14/3/22