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In my opinion I would give it to the old lady because she might fall over and break her leg. She... who should we give a seat to on the bus? 22/9/18
I disagree with you because the pregnant lady might not be that pregnant and not yet have a bump..... who should we give a seat to on the bus? 11/10/18
I think actions speak louder because you are doing something, where as words can be quiet and... Weekly Competition #6 13/10/18
I strongly agree that they would detest them because they burnt their villages and their family... Do you think the Roghingyas LIKE the attackers? 14/10/18
Dear diary It's sunrise now and today the most extraordinary thing happen to me .I was trying... Weekly Competition #11 20/11/18
Danny Dyer confirmed to play Northampton charity football game at Cobblers ground... Weekly Competition #21 13/2/19
Recently I have changed my mind about eating meat. At first I thought I would give up all the... Weekly Competition #24 07/3/19
I think it will be unfair as they are not going through the same political reasons as us. The... Weston Favell Pod Cast 2 03/4/19
Donald trump declares emergency to build a wall and doesn't actually want to pay #FirstWorldProblems Weekly Competition #29 24/4/19
I would question that a world without borders would be a better place, as it could make people... Weekly Competition #32 12/5/19
How will building the wall effect the environment? Surely with climate change high on the agenda... Attorney (lawyer) at Public Citizen answers YOUR questions! 20/5/19
Thank you next time I will do it as a comment Is it okay to protest violently in Hong Kong ? 18/9/19
I dream of life back in 1997 before our beloved Hong Kong was handed back to Chinese rule. Since... #4 Diary Entry - Winners Announced! 29/9/19
In my opinion it is not fair to ban face masks in Hong Kong . I think this because they might... Is it fair for Hong Kong's government to ban face-masks? 13/10/19
got 18 out of 20 and learnt more about what is happening in Hong Kong Quiz: Test your Hong Kong knowledge! 13/10/19
I think it is a tricky question. Can one country (china ) have two different systems for its... #6 Poll - Winners Announced! 17/10/19
Hundreds of years ago people took risks and dangerous journeys to discover the planet we call... If you know you’re unlikely to succeed, should you still try? 07/11/19
I have found this thinking question really challenging because I think that both they are both... It more important to make discoveries on Earth or in space? 12/11/19
My NASA motto is “Whilst the universe seems big, small steps will get us there ” The reason why... #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 21/11/19
I think that this not a failure because as Charles Kettering said “99% of successes are built on... SpaceX Prototype "blows its top" - is it a failure? 24/11/19
New satalies to help us understand climate change Climate change In tempreturein 1950 was... #13- Breaking News Reaction - Winners Announced! 02/12/19
I think that famous people do have a responsibility to behave well because they should set an... Do famous people have more of a responsibility to behave well? 23/1/20
If I could change one thing in politics it would be that MPs who fall asleep in parliament ... #20 - What One Change....? 25/1/20
Yes I believe politicians can be too honest. I think this because on the one hand they are... Can politicians be too honest? 19/2/20
In this issue the hardest thing to make my mind up about was if the politicians were telling the... #23 - I Can't Make My Mind Up - Winners Announced! 19/2/20
He said that they would be building 40 new hospitals but has only put funding in place for six! Can politicians be too honest? 19/2/20
I can understand other opinions on this matter. However I think that public referendums could be... Should all major decisions go to a public referendum? 20/2/20
On my poster for NHS staff, I would write : Your smile touches lives, It makes a... #24 - Notes to the NHS 21/2/20
The headline I have chosen is “73% would pay more to save the NHS”-Daily Mail. I think that... #25 - Behind the Headlines - Winners Announced! 04/3/20
The issue that I think needs improving is staff recruitment. I think that they could try and... #27 - Ideas for Improvement 16/3/20